The concepts of Bitcoin and their impact on the worldwide legal space: Thomas Spaas at TEDxUHasselt

Thomas Spaas is not only a lawyer specialising in Belgian and International taxation, he is also co-director of the Belgian Bitcoin Association. Thomas focuses on the regulatory aspects of Bitcoin in general and on providing legal support to the association and its members.

At TEDxUHasselt, Thomas shared how the concepts underlying bitcoin and other decentralized cryptographic systems will have an important impact on the worldwide legal space and the opportunities this offers to legal innovators. An eye-opening talk!

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12 Comments on The concepts of Bitcoin and their impact on the worldwide legal space: Thomas Spaas at TEDxUHasselt

  1. Great presentation, explaining the relationship between “human rights” and
    personal and property rights–and how all can be safeguarded by using
    bitcoin protocol. A good primer on the basics of property rights, echoing
    the property rights ideas of John Locke and Murray Rothbard.



  3. I am not against government. I am against the freedom they have with our
    money. If there is a system where politicians will be having to convince
    that his project is good for society then the people will be liberating,
    through votes, the money they need as it develops then I think those men
    with guns will not have a leash on us and will only do what consensus
    dictates… unlike it is today..

  4. This is the true future of the money and it is not the improvement of money
    The question is how to make it work faster and accurate ?? 

  5. Is nobody else suspicious that the global corpo-fascist government invented
    this pseudo-anonymous global currency that assigns a personal I.D
    verification system to all of your electronic devices, in essence creating
    the largest surveillance and control grid in history? This, like the
    internet itself has DARPA written all over it… might as well call it

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