Bitcoin — more than just money | Dug Campbell | TEDxUniversityofEdinburgh

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Dug Campbell explains why Bitcoin is not just the money of the Internet, but it’s the Internet of money.

He has been avidly following the impact of technology on society since the late 90’s and he’s convinced that the cat’s out of the bag when it comes to digital currency. As well as working as Product Marketing Manager at Skyscanner, he writes on how digital networks continue to influence the modern world. Oh, and he’s pretty sure the robots are coming, but doesn’t want to give an exact date.

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  1. so “we” hop in, pay the car, the car buys it’s own maintenance, probably
    from robots, why not … my humble question is: how can “we” pay the car if
    “we” can’t be cabdrivers, car-mechanics … whatever it is “we” do to earn
    our living? Or is that “them”, who’d be the unemployed then? Or will “I” be
    given bitcoins just like that?

    • What about switchboard operators? We shouldn’t use telephones with
      automated switchboards because how will the switchboard operators be able
      to afford a telephone if they don’t have jobs?

      Answer: Learn new skills and get a different job. If everything under the
      sun is done by robots, then I guess the only job left would be to make new
      robots that a robot would never think to make using our creativity.

      I am more interested to hear what you would propose we do? Just stop all
      technology from innovating so that we can have a less efficient society
      where people do jobs that are unnecessary so they feel important?

    • technology is a disruptor it always has been….yes it will destroy some
      jobs but it always creates many many more

    • +A. DUBITANTE I like the idea of working towards a world where people have
      their business worked out so well that nobody is forced to labor, and we
      can all spend our days the way we please, following our passions. And I’ll
      wager it would turn out to be a very productive time in history, like a
      second Renaissance.

    • +Jason Welder
      me too. But sadly, I’ve found that very few people can handle spare time,
      even in small doses … ;O)

  2. I’m absolutely thrilled by the potential for no trust transactions. The
    multi sig implementations from different wallet providers alone is a huge
    leap to trustless exchange. The no-party escrow ability of the blockchain
    and other features are equally remarkable techniques for revolutionizing
    trade. The reputation system of Ebay is powerful, but this is far superior.
    I am very excited to see what openBazaar and other sites come up with. 

  3. I am trying to find a negative comment with merit… Can do it… Hmmm.
    This looks good for bitcoin… Buy now while the price is low and the cost
    of mining is extremely high, general demand in low. Eventually the cost of
    mining will decrease as the transaction fees take over to offset the lower
    return from mining…. Bitcoin is nothing short of a major paradigm shift.
    DO NOT ignore this.

  4. Very calm and detailed presentation understandable for the masses. People
    seem to get so emotional about it and start shouting words without having a
    clue what they are really talking about.

  5. Bitcoin is closer to a company than a currency. And as a company it is
    losing money and like most companies the share holders are the ones who pay
    for that lose (i.e. the people who hold bitcoin).

    • And so is US dollar, no difference in that. If you hold it, you lose value
      every year in process called inflation. Also now you lose even more, as
      company called US dollar is losing its position as world currency (And I
      dont mean its losing it for bitcoin, its losing it for other classic fiat

    • +Youtube Käyttäjä Yes that is true but who said I was pushing for the US
      No, what I’m pushing for is bitsharesX.
      It’s like bitcoin but it uses delegated proof of stake which makes it FAR
      cheaper than bitcoin. Which also makes it a profitable cryptocurrency (you
      get paid a dividend for holding it).
      It’s also far faster with 10 second block confirmation as opposed to 10
      minutes that you get with bitcoin. And if that’s not enough it has market
      peg assets which track things like the US dollar, Yen, Euro, gold, etc.
      (they call it bitUSD, bitCYN, bitGLD, etc.). So that gives you the
      stability of a dollar with all the benefits of a cryptocurrency.

    • +Mystoganator I believe in project called FIMK that uses only fraction of
      electricity in “mining” (forging).

    • +Youtube Käyttäjä Yea it’s basically a spin off of NXT which uses a similar
      proof of stake system as bitshares.

    • +Mystoganator Yeah. They at Fimk are developing interesting technologies
      with power of stone cold bitcoin or cash like person identification
      service, internet-free cryptocurrency transfer technologies designed for
      places like africa to use at, just like this video also says at some point
      that africa potentially could use bitcoin kind of currencies (already
      usable, test state).

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  8. Can we marry the idea of a coin for everyone and everything with the idea
    that natural wealth belongs to all? If we charge fees to industries that
    put pollution or take natural resources, all industries will have incentive
    to reduce environmental impacts. The industries that are profitable will be
    those that are sustainable. If we share the fee proceeds with all people,
    no one will live in abject poverty. Disparity of wealth will be less of a

    We could have a sustainable and just civilization, if we share natural
    wealth equally.

    Natural law requires respect of PUBLIC property rights, too:

  9. I think you may be overlooking a few important details. When using any
    electronic payment system or digital currency, there are always going to be
    3rd party transaction fees. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using
    credit/debit, PayPal, skrill, qpay, perfect money, or even Bitcoin. Leaches
    or always going to be there to suck your blood. You’ll never get rid of
    them. Bitcoin has them too. You’ve just managed to conveniently ignore them
    for the sake of your Ted talk. There are wallet fees, miner fees, and
    usually a 1% to 5% fee to buy Bitcoin with usd. Coinbase is 1% right now.
    Libertyx intinitially waved fees to get in the door. But now that they’ve
    arrived, they’re 1% as well. And that’s the pattern that is going to
    The other thing I thought was flawed about his talk was security. It is
    true bank accounts can be hacked. But banks can at least protect you
    against fraudulent spending so you are not liable. Bitcoin that is stored
    on the hard drives of pc’s and mobile phones can be stolen if those devices
    are infected with any number of malware or bots. And since Bitcoin is
    supposed to be at least pseudoannoynomous, there is no course to get stolen
    Bitcoin back.
    I’m a big fan of Bitcoin, but I think this guy is very misleading when he
    speaks about it. There are fees with Bitcoin that are difficult, if not
    impossible to get around. Also, as of right now, it is simply not that
    secure. So you have to be careful where you choose to store it.

  10. great video telling the truth, I did not need to buy the program to know it
    is a scam? i’m using *1STMILLIONROAD BITCOIN* for daily income.

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