Bitcoin and the Blockchain | Rick Falkvinge | TEDxBucharest

The internet brings much more changes than we could possibly ever imagine, typical of a very disruptive technology, as the generation who invents it can only think of the new technology in terms of what is replacing. But it's the generation after them which sees the new technology in its own right, in its own potential and builds things on it on its own merits. It happened with the electricity, with the print press and with every major disruptive technology, now it's happening with the internet.
In a true Future Spoiler, Rick shares with the audience how bitcoin and it's underline technology, the blockchain technology, will influence the power struggles for the next decades, where the power will about the ledger on top of everything else, a fight which will stand over finance and core governmental functions.

Rick Falkvinge | Political Evangelist | Founder of the Swedish Pirate Party | | An entrepreneur from the age of 16, Rick is the Founder of the first Pirate Party. Under his leadership, the Party had a resounding success at the 2009 European Elections, with two elected representatives. He is now a political evangelist for his ideas on freedom of speech and expression. While Foreign Policy Magazine named Rick a Top Global Thinker, TIME Magazine shortlisted him as one of the world’s most influential people.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

24 Comments on Bitcoin and the Blockchain | Rick Falkvinge | TEDxBucharest

  1. Bitcoin has an ambitious outlook for financial freedom but has plenty of
    problems. Look up the cons for yourself, don’t fall for the hype. Main
    problem: Hackers/Thieves can steal your Bitcoins with no way to get caught.

  2. …The Bitcoin also has a fluctuating valuation. The trade in value may be
    very different just days after. It’s a Ponzi scheme. Major investors failed
    to see the flaws and are now investing on advertising bitcoin as a
    “false-potential” product to keep their investment alive.

    • +CombatLegsVIDS I take bit coin at my chocolate shop. The price stays at
      0.02 bitcoin per chocolate bar. So maybe its the dollar that is fluctuating
      and I think we all know that the Dollar makes a ponzi scheme look gentle.
      After all, you can only enter a Ponzi scheme voluntarily .

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    • +Nelson Oliveira I am going to Rio in September for a weekend. I wish I
      knew more about the BTC groups happening in Brasil. I would love to sell
      American crap to Brasilians looking to avoid the high import tax in
      exchange for BTC.

    • +David Vice That is quite a good plan. I have an American cousin that pays
      his travels to Brazil selling Yu-Gi-Oh cards to his friends here. Perfumes,
      clothes, notebooks, phones… people here are always trying to buy those
      from US. There are some guys that make a living buying videogame credits in
      stores in US and selling them to brazilians via email.
      This may not be a good time though because Brazilians in general are very
      short on money now due to the high value of the dollar and our economic
      crisis. I mean, bad time to sell to Brazilians, but a great time to visit
      Brazil with dollars. You’ll probably find out your dollars can buy a lot. A
      dollar is now R$ 3.3. You can purchase a very fancy dinner with $40.00 and
      a nice hamburguer with less than $4.00 (R$ 13.00).
      It is interesting to point out that Bitcoins are more expensive in Brazil
      than in US. When 1BTC was $290 and the dollar was R$3.3, the Bitcoin should
      be R$971.00 but it was R$1,010.00.
      I myself would be willing to buy some coins from Americans, the problem is
      who would like to get our reais in exchange.

  3. This guy is hard to swallow or follow I feel like hes swimming in a river
    of cocaine.

  4. Really cool stuff! Blockchain tech will change the future forever, Kim
    dotcom has already announced that he is making a Internet 2.0 using
    blockchains which would be completely decentralized and hosted on idle
    mobile phone memory! Completely free from hacking, government surveillance
    etc, fun stuff ahead!

  5. This will be fun to watch (and invest in). I don’t see central banks going
    quietly into the night. Basically, It sounds like it will disrupt the rich
    and powerful entities that control and/or manipulate the movement of

  6. let’s put it in this way. the money we made in the 1990 ths and saved, is
    that money anything worth to day?
    no it’s eaten up by inflation so, the money we have to day is not good for
    saving the value of our work. inflation is stealing the value of our. work.
    and it’s made by making our money today by creating depts. i private banks.
    why can banks make money out of the thin air ? And why are, some banks,
    more equal than other banks. by being to big to fall ? yes, crony
    capitalism thats why. the friends of the politicians, well they are more
    equal than you and me. and by quid pro quo. the crony capitalism will steal
    from you and me. to the friends.and give to the friends of the friends,
    democracy dont exist as long as its representative democracy democracy is a
    illusion a. fluffy speech. from the. politicians on a podium

    Mony is, theft, not property !!

    But mony dont have to be thefh
    Bitcoins can’t be inflated, its in the systems dna,

    Fore pillows to hold the new, world. of justice .

    : direct democracy. they can not buy the, entire population,

    : bitcoins not money created from nothing as depts bitcoins are not created
    out of nothing. Bitcoins are created out of math

    : unconditional basic income, every person must have the means to live. a

    : land value tax and consumption taxes, no income tax and vat.

    • All of these save number 3 REQUIRE some sort of centralized enforcement and
      theft, a.k.a., taxation. You’re trying to modify the existing system to
      make it fit your vision of utopia. Direct democracy wouldn’t work any
      better than any other existing government and it would be the tyranny of
      the majority, even if the votes weren’t rigged. De-centralize, privatize.
      Let the free market do it’s thing.

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