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EB63 – Tim Swanson: The Bitcoin Hype Buster

March 16, 2019 21

Support the show, consider donating: 3JkHB5g6XGVmBTSj5UrNvpg1uYHeYifToC ( ) When it comes to Bitcoin, Tim Swanson is known to many as the man who sees the glass half empty. Whether or not that's true, it's fair […]

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Lawrence H Summers Blockchain in a Global Context

March 16, 2019 6

Former Secretary of the U.S. Treasury Lawrence H. Summers shares his insight on how blockchain companies can effectively engage with governments and regulators. Learn more at www.coindesk.com

Coindesk News

Building a Better Payments Rail

March 16, 2019 0

Email for money isn't just a dream for consumers – businesses and banks may have the most to gain by tapping the efficiencies of blockchain payment rails. Learn how business innovators are utilizing these technologies […]

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