Chris Dunn

Is Penny Stock Trading Dead?

March 16, 2019 3

Click here to see the full blog alert – Why Penny Stock Email Promotions Could Become Less Effective Thanks to the internet, a growing number of "mom and pop investors" have access to better information. […]


Intro to Derivatives by Jay Hall

March 16, 2019 5

Jay Hall gives a basic overview of derivatives (forward contracts, futures, options) and how they can be created on top of Ethereum. The Q&A 12:00 turns into a lively discussion with the other participants of […]

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Chris Dunn

How To Day Trade (Part 3) “Trading Strategies”

August 3, 2016 26

Get free trading training here – In today's lesson is all about trading strategies. In particular, you're going to learn which strategies are relevant in today's market conditions, and the main components of a trading […]

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