Jeff Berwick

Unschooling and Peaceful Parenting Life with Dayna Martin

March 16, 2019 23

Anarchast Ep.339 Jeff interviews unschooling and peaceful parenting advocate, Dayna Martin, topics include: Dayna a leader in unschooling, Dayna's wonderful 3 day workshop at Anarchapulco, day to day life unschooling with 4 children, highly independent […]

Jeff Berwick

Are You Ready For Anarchapulco 2019 – with Dayna Martin

August 20, 2018 27

Anarchast Ep.430 Jeff Berwick interviews Dayna Martin, community producer for Anarchapulco 2019. Topics include, the recent meeting of Anarchapulco organizers in Acapulco Mexico, the entire hotel is brought out for 2019, so much more happening […]