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  1. I have a suggestion for wallets. In addition to BTC , have BTC1, BTC2,
    BTC3… as the value continues to go up. The numerals represent decimal
    points. Today a coffee is .005 BTC…

  2. 1 BTC = $200, 1BTC1=$20, 1BTC2=$2…. I would be simple to add this as an
    option on wallets. For the present 2 decimal are not a problem but what if
    1 BTC $1000 or $10,000

  3. I’ve been following ltc 100x more closely than btc since April and I feel
    there are A LOT of points you missed. For example, a recent AMA explaining
    the road map of Litecoin, explaining that LiteTree is a known scam now. You
    also misread the charts when mentioning Litecoin price went up due to
    expediencies of MtGox accepting it. (That never happened), you missed that
    role bots have in trading, and a couple other things. I may email you guys
    to see if we can do a proper State of Litecoin video.

  4. 4:05 I think it is more accurate to say that looking back, Litecoin was
    overvalued due to anticipation of market changes that did not manifest
    rather than saying the price of Litecoin was inflated and now it is
    deflating. Prices don’t inflate, the money supply inflates and deflates and
    prices adjust as an effect of the demonstrated subjective preferences of

  5. Litecoin was (and is) very overpriced. Now it’s trying to find the
    sustainable price. I’m thinking $0.50 would be sustainable for litecoin.

  6. Worldcoin seems to be the next best thing out there, not litecoin, least in
    longterm from my research. Nothing else out there seems to compare from my
    research in transaction time, which makes it prime for the Point of Sale
    transaction, unlike bitcoin or litecoin, or any of the rest of them. It
    seems to be the fasted hands down.

  7. LTC is gradually being adopted. As someone who owns LTC, that’s an exciting
    prospect. Also exciting is the fact Litecoin’s creator now works at
    Coinbase with his brother, right? My facts straight?

    • Yes, you are correct. I think Coinbase will be trading LTC before Mt. Gox.
      I don’t know if Mt. Gox will last. Something very odd about them.

    • He works at Coinbase, but not with his brother. His brother runs BTC-e
      (which is also exciting in its own respect).

  8. I mined BTC before and mined about 230 of ’em. I sold them all around
    $6.00. 🙁

    I got my first LTC miner running tonight with one of my old rigs. Feels
    good. The BTC mania(?) will spill over into LTC. Witness.

    Make no mistake, for me, this is REVENGE!!!

    Cuz they’ll come. Trust me.

  9. I mined litecoin when GPU mining first came out with reaper. Had 15,000
    coins. I listened to idiots saying how LTC was failing. Sold them for
    pennies each. Bought back later for 10x the value. Got up to 1500. Sold
    again listening to idiots. My last 150 Litecoins I bought, I paid more
    then I did for my previous coins combined. The real value is for BTC and
    LTC is huge. Just hold on.

    Cryptocurrencies are a game changing technology. Litecoin is poised as THE
    number 2 currency. As of this post, we’re looking at near $900 bitcoins
    and $10 Litecoins.

  10. Litecoin just went up from $17-19. Forget mining it, just buy LTC from
    exchange markets while its on the rise!

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