6 Comments on Let’s Talk Bitcoin – Episode 1

  1. The problem with complying is not so much the FINCEN, but state by state
    Surety Bond requirement. The minimum Bond requirement, adding up all the
    states, is about $7 million. So an exchange would have to bring at minimum,
    2% or more of that amount. $150k, all the lawyer fees to apply to 50
    states, plus the FINCEN MSB/KYC/AML/BSA filing requirements. They make it
    very difficult for a start up.

  2. how do we get cities to depart from using slave coupons? Start a new city
    and work like Amish? Thats a pretty good topic of discussion, how have the
    amish been able to distance themselves from fiat currency?

  3. There attention is not to stop crime or to provide clarity. They want
    control and seek extortion from their tax slaves. Any deviation from their
    counterfeitet currencies is a threat. They live of leeching taxes from the
    working class. They want to keep that. Their only means is violence and
    they will come with their threats.

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