11 Comments on From Crypto-Currencies to Crypto-Equities with Mastercoin – Part 1

  1. This would be awesome once they get it all figured out. Wondering and
    hoping that it would also be compatible with the Tor network or if it could
    use the Tor network BY DEFAULT. Also wondering if they can implement the
    zerocoin protocol into the mastercoin protocol. Zerocoin combined with Tor
    would provide a tremendous level of anonymity and thus would shield
    user/owners from bad people (Statists).

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  2. I don’t get it.. I tried to investigate a little more on it but I can only
    look Mastercoin as a huge ponzi scheme. A random company claims that a
    product is so good and everyone should invest in it. Got some people in so
    that people give money to the company in exchange of Mastercoins. and the
    only way to get mastercoins is getting them from the company that created
    mastercoin via collaboration with the proyect or directly buying them from
    the company.
    Difference and why bitcoin works is because anyone can get bitcoins by
    minning, and you dont get them from someone or some company. you get
    bitcoins from the network. 

    • It’s still on the same blockchain and thus ledger. All Mastercoin is, is a
      Bitcoin with added features.

      There’s huge utility value in a brand new cellphone too, but it’s not gonna
      have any music or other applications loaded on it. Service providers know
      that too which why no cellphone goes out without any software at all.

    • +gogodr
      No, you cannot mine them, you still mine Bitcoin. And you do not have to
      use it, but if you can and you want to then you can use your Bitcoin,
      exchange them for Mastercoin at whatever the going rate is and have extra
      features that they are offering the potential of.

  3. there are emerging many #Decentralized #OpenSource #exchange networks, one
    of the first, most famous is #Ripple but the name #Mastercoin sounds more
    attractive to me
    From Crypto-Currencies to Crypto-Equities with Mastercoin – Part 1
    @MastercoinNews @MSCProtocol
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