3 Comments on Exploring The Open Bazaar… – Beyond Bitcoin Episode 10

  1. Man! This is so Exciting!
    This will allow goods and services to flow without the traditional guarantee system that all these layers of government and corporations currently provide. It could be huge for guys who have useful skills like plumber, roofing, electrical, automotive repair and all that. And the job can be so specific that an expert can know without doubt that the job is within their expertise.
    I could get off work, scan the ads, see a heavy diesel trucker, owner operator who has an engine miss. He’d have a good rating and has dealt with people honorably in the past, and he would see that I also have a good rating. Then I could accept the job and throw a few tools in my truck and go do the troubleshoot. I’d do the teardown while he runs to get parts. I can throw in the new injector (or whatever), complete the repair, get paid and get another positive rating.
    Then it’s the weekend and here I am, almost 50, with a ton of very physical yard work that needs to be done. I go on the network and find some energetic teenager with a good rating and hire him. Then I’d have an assistant and the teenager would be able to turn some of his extra time into money because he has a hot date that evening and wants some extra cash. We both get a couple more thumbs up for our ratings and value would be added to our individual lives.
    Then on Sunday I’d scan the ads for surplus garden green beans from people’s gardens. Find one close by get my beans, pay a small fee and come home and can them up. Then I’d have tasty canned green beans for a good chunk of the winter. If you’ve ever tasted home canned green beans you know why it’s worth the trouble to do it yourself.
    I can’t wait for this software to come out! Think I’ll kick in a few bucks as a donation.

  2. This is incredible!  such promising technology. wondering if they’ve thought of porting it to the maidsafe network?

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