You Have To Hear About This Anarchist Town in Mexico Who Kicked Out The Government! – Roy Duarte

You Have To Hear About This Anarchist Town in Mexico Who Kicked Out The Government! – Roy Duarte

Anarchast Ep.436

Jeff Berwick interviews Roy Duarte. Topics include: marxism in Mexican universities, the desire for power, the hypocrisy of anarcho-communists, the unconquered town of Cheran, freedom in Mexico, kicking out the oppressors, cop free zones in Mexico, teaching Cheran about crypto, the Freos project, breathing new life into Anarchast Espanol

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23 Comments on You Have To Hear About This Anarchist Town in Mexico Who Kicked Out The Government! – Roy Duarte

  1. I love hearing stories of JUSTICE for the people. It’s time people start taking a stand for what is right.

    • I agree in this instance, because they are not just eating our flesh, energy, and possibilities in life, but they demand sacrifice of our children to the system and its agents as ‘compulsory’. Claim your freedom or submit yourself as someones next meal.

  2. “Why don’t we have libertarian anarchy? Why does government exist? The answer implicit in previous chapters is that government as a whole exists because most people believe it is necessary.” ~ David D. Friedman, The machinery of freedom: guide to a radical capitalism

  3. Where ever is capitalism, there is capital punishment. So as competition which cause violence.
    Freedom is life with out violence. If you use stuff that are not made by your own hands then you live as we all do in each others hands. We need self organize in a matter to serve human needs, because real safety is in taking care of everyone, so that will be no one to be afraid of.

    So people get in a circle meeting of equals and share what life is in them at the moment what it is that they need most. Then peoples congers appoint committee to implement their will .

    What ever people decide in a meeting together new directions travels to all peoples committees (that are appointed by same peoples congress) that is how people can self navigate in life together with out any governing or representation. It is direct peoples will in action generated in peoples congress or meeting. No ideology , religion opinion, politics government , leadership … every decision made by the people them self.

    As more autonomous each and one of us are, as more we all are independent, but we have to admit that we still need cooperate on practical utilities.

    Housing suppose to be a human right and everyone owns place where one lives. Every one can own us much as one can take care of everything with out exploiting other people.

    Education: we need one university open 24/ 7 for everyone and people choose by them self what they need to learn in order to make stuff or give service.

    Free medical care to everyone (we have to) feed Shamans, Yogis , some mainstream surgeons in case of injury and If there is no treatment viable we should have money to send patients for free in any part of the world.

    Every institution or life necessity serving group of people, will be appointed by the peoples meetings and those chosen ones committees will provide service that society needs.

    Land belong to everyone and given to anyone who would like to cultivate it…and if there is shortage on land or spot that everyone likes, then people in a meetings of peoples congress decide together with consideration about everyone’s needs and best outcome for us all.

    Every citizen Ones a year will be obligate go to meting of peoples congress (no more then 200 people ) where people everyone know each other (no strangers = no infiltrators) and you will be obligated tell How you feel , what you need most and what kind of help would you like to receive. When people know what is life in them and what is on their hearts, then appointed by same people groups committees will be best people suitable to solve particular kind of the problem .

    To serve life is a technical challenge not political one and we don’t need to vote for anything we only need to know what is life in us at the moment what we all need most in order to have life more wonderful then it is.

    Soldiers guard your freedoms with heavy killing tools ready to act on command. Some one needs to equip them and coerce in to wear uniforms and obey orders. There we go tax extortion to the violent mob in order to protect them self’s, from the other violent mob.

    • It is so sad. Much of what you say sounds good but is actually the gateway to communism. Human groups only work like this where everyone are blood relatives, such as in some indigenous tribal settings. And actually, even 200 people is too many. Human communities struggle to maintain this type of structure if there are more than 50 people in the group and factionalization begins when there are 20 to 30 people in the group. That is why most human groups living in the wild are smaller than 20 to 30 adults.

      And unfortunately, I know, from witnessing indigenous tribal politics first hand, that no strangers does not necessarily mean no infiltrators. The very most dangerous infiltrators are those who grew up in your village, speak in your dialect, who wear your clothes and eat your food at your table. These are called “sellouts” or “traitors” and they will happily watch as their own brothers and sisters are dragged away in chains when they themselves knowingly opened the gates of Troy to let the wooden horse in.

      And having an appointee to a People’s Congress? Really? Have you studied Marxist Political Theory? Because this is exactly how a Marxist “People’s Congress” is organized. The end result is always the same, and that is that group members who like their private property are screwed over. I own 20 acres of land, it is mine, freehold, fee simple and I will NEVER let anyone tell me that I have too much land, that I should share, that I should give it away. If I find random people camping on my land they WILL be booted off!

      I started with nothing and built up my estate with the help of God. If people want to buy land and build an estate, then they are able to do so. And nobody has the right to tell you how you should organize your land. If you want to live in a teepee or a yurt, go for it! If a group of you want to buy land in common, go for it! Just don’t ever think that you have any right whatsoever to tell me what to do with my patch and I in turn will leave you alone as well!

      God Bless!

  4. Jeff, I was nearly jailed in AZ for i) crossing the red light by bike on an empty street, ii) being in a party where there was an unknown 17 year old kid drinking a beer, iii) listening to music in my home, iv) rooting for a team during the soccer world cup, etc. And people still say it is the land of the free…

  5. ..standing up to cops may work in mexico, but in Kannada or the USSA u wil get tazered or beaten to death and the pigs will get a paid vacation while an internal ‘investigation’ is done.

  6. Great discussion! You both live in a beautiful area of Mexico. Good to hear there are thriving communities without government.

    On a side note, Jeff, why did you stop the dog walking vlogs? I really enjoyed those.

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