Western Propaganda on North Korea, Iran, Syria, Libya and More with Kolja Spori

Anarchast Ep.448

Jeff Berwick interviews extreme traveler and author, Kolja Spori. Topics include: Anarcho Capitalism, living a free life, state indoctrination, the deep state, extreme travelling, Somalia and Venezuela, Goma in East Congo, western narratives are very wrong, Libya, Syria and North Korea, reality of no-fly zones, propaganda about North Korea, people defecting to North Korea, the Korean War is a tool of western powers, the inside track to Iran, Northern Iraq, Siberia is Libertarian, the Kurdish people, Turkey, USA has the most overbearing state in the world, biggest danger in travel is traffic accidents, tips on keeping safe, Kolja Spori to speak at The Dollar Vigilante Summit

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11 Comments on Western Propaganda on North Korea, Iran, Syria, Libya and More with Kolja Spori

  1. Jeff, you mentioned how tiring travel can be. If you had significant physical impairments (such as needing to use a walker to walk; sometimes wheelchair, *always* in chronic pain) — what top 10 countries outside U.S. would you recommend for travel/living? I’ve asked this Q many times to anarchists and have yet to hear an answer. Enlighten, me, please. U.S. ranks top for disabled-friendly living.

    I cope w notable mobility-impairments w walking. It greaty limits my ability to move freely in day-to-day living. I don’t expect the world to accommodate me. I’m looking for the best places which already have a “disabled-friendly” environment.

    I’m a huge Anarchast fan. Love the work you do. Keep up the great work.

    BTW, have planned on attending Anarchapulco past 3 years. Couldn’t make it due to physical limitations. But my heart and spirit are in Anarchapulco.

  2. You’ve said countless times over the year how Mexico is safe. And in that year its completely fallen apart including where you live.

    Ya’ll are the epitome of ignorant white people pushing an agenda. You and that other shill rarely focus on the zionist. But yea, lets act like North Korea and Mexico are cool places.

    Just watched a video with RON WHITE…he lived in Mexico for years and clearly can handle himself, even he said you need an artmy to go there now. but keep peddling your BS to your anarcho-capitalist crowd.

    BTW…hows dash you goddamn scammer.

    • Jeff probably does downplay the danger a little bit where he lives but not as much as you think, for one thing the area where he’s at in particular in Acapulco is quite safe and even though there are some iffy areas there many cities around the world have these sketchy zones too. Mexico like many other places in the world has it’s dangers it’s really no worse or no better then the US in this regard atleast with common criminals and thugs, however the US is more dangerous because of the police.

  3. The dictator of North-Korea actually went as a young boy to a small Swiss private-school, near Berne, the capital of Switzerland.

  4. So you say it sucks there but people are defecting to a place that sucks? Doesn’t add up buddy. Ok bro this is total bs. People sniff glue to not feel hunger up in Poopin land. You are not a good source of info.

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