We Do Better Than Government ‘Services’ with Dan Johnson

Anarchast Ep.414

Jeff interviews Dan Johnson of We Do Better and People Against the NDAA. Topics include: moral consistency, fighting the NDAA and indefinite detention, insights into the political system, We Do Better and Universal Charitable Credit, rewards for serving human need, an expanding project, Social Safety Net search engine, practical foreign aid, a spotlight on government inefficiency, bureaucracy first, FEMA in the way, in competition with government, putting private initiatives before government, putting charity back in community, replacing government, helping the homeless, reducing taxation, getting involved.

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6 Comments on We Do Better Than Government ‘Services’ with Dan Johnson

  1. Thank You Jeff……..Thank you to Dan, I really enjoyed everything that you just brought up to inform people who may not have been aware…………….

  2. Thanks again Jeff, you’re top shelf on what you cover. Does “We Do Better’ have any affiliates in Australia?

  3. America is in slave by Money. Nothing we the people can do. Sorry people will believe whatever they want in their religion and how they want to shape this country. Look up Communitarianism

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