We Are Here To Learn and Grow – The Inside Track with Peter Sage

Anarchast Ep.447

Jeff Berwick interviews Author, serial entrepreneur and founder of the Sage Academy, Peter Sage. Topics include: starting in business, entrepreneurial self belief, good and bad ideas, adding value, taking the first step, dealing with uncertainty, you are the star in the movie of your own life, other's opinion of you is none of your business, fear and the unknown, the path to success is paved with failure, in jail as a civil prisoner without a criminal conviction, happiness and acceptance, becoming ok with not being liked, resisting reality is stupid, cooperation and love, Peter Sage to speak at Anarchapulco, The TDV Summit and The Infinite Man Summit 2019!

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Anarchapulco February 14-17, 2019, Acapulco, Mexico
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19 Comments on We Are Here To Learn and Grow – The Inside Track with Peter Sage

  1. Thank you Jeff and God Bless you! You are a blessed pure good soul who has been through dark times but are living proof if you push through and try, ones self has to believe and try to better themselves. Thanks for all you do brotha!

  2. Great show …. some people always have some excuse not to do something that would improve their life.

  3. Makes me think of the movie by Mel Brooks. Life Stinks, Great movie about lifes adversity and awakening

  4. Peter Sage: exactly the same for me..first day of school was like.. whuuut? then it just escalated 😀

  5. “We should all be like dogs.” Lol. Great advice? Come on Jeff you should know better what a dog’s life is like in Mexico!

  6. This once again Jeff, is dripping with more of your usual self-congratulation through slapping down swipes at Joe Public. But two of you at the same time borders, on sickly. Change the record, will you?

  7. Saw a little Tom Campbell coming through from Peter, awesome! Can we see Tom on the show one day?

  8. I really love that you put Adam Freeland son WE WANT YOUR SOUL 😉 so telling of our reality @ the momento

  9. Interesting interview, thanks. The bit about there being no straight lines in nature made me think about rush hour traffic: it sucks, mainly because it’s designed by central-planners, but people naturally find little short cuts and workarounds — but then The Almighty Government puts up signs saying you can’t take this slightly less inconvenient route. In closing, government isn’t just evil: it’s extremely annoying.

  10. How do u know that were here to grow if we dont remember past lives. Not to mention all the government control and elite eugenics???

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