Waking People Up To Their Own Slavery and Brainwashing with Larken Rose

Anarchast Ep.459

Topics include: What Anarchy Isn't, The Whole Problem (and Solution) In Two Minutes, communicating with statists, Candles in The Dark, the right of violent domination, undoing brainwashing, creating simple messages, power over others,it's all up to us, how statism effects everyone, belief in authority, the communist mindset, effective communication, spreading the message, Anarchapulco!

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24 Comments on Waking People Up To Their Own Slavery and Brainwashing with Larken Rose

  1. I think for many people, as counterintuitive as this might seem, being subjugated is somehow perceived as being an easier path in life than being free.

    • dwodo21 I begin to think this as well…like someone who lived all of their lives behind the bars of a jail and suddently he’s released and let go free, though he just doesn’t know what to do with himself or even imagine what a limitless life would be alike…quite sad, I know…

    • I agree 100%. If people realized they had to grow up and take care of themselves they would immediately run out and vote for someone to do it for them .

  2. Not only do statist’s always try to defend their own enslavement they also advocate enslaving others as well as myself by using political action i.e the voting process every once in a term of years!

  3. ” The Purge – Anarchy ” is one of the biggest indoctrination propaganda movies since ” Reefer Madness ” movie in the 1930’s

  4. I’ve been one my whole life, never could understand giving people power over you. Made zero sense to me.

  5. I can’t recall anyone else saying this but I actually “awoke” mySelf to Truth & Reality.
    I literally Never had even One single person in my life speak on Anything/topic that’s typically cited as one’s Red Pill event. I never scoffed at “Conspiracy Theories” or “Truthers” bcz I wasn’t ever presented with either one.
    Anyways although I was Years late snapping out of the programming & mind-control forced upon me, I finally started actively researching & seeking to find some answers or understanding regarding the sad state-of-affairs I kept noticing 360° around me, ever worsening.
    Then sometime in 2010 it basically all fell into place & I felt this *Click* of ((Their)) Channel being permanently shut off in my mind & a new one emerged.
    Yes it happened almost Immediately when I saw that 9-11 video that I never had previously…

  6. NO MORE federal GOV. We should have only cities states competing with one another for the best citizens to migrate to.

  7. Look up the definition in Wikipedia and tool see why people think that communism is anarchism.
    And they are using this as a fake news guard lol.

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