Visiting The Anarchic Mexican City That Threw Out Government… And Anarchapocalypse

Anarchast Ep.433

Jeff Berwick interviews documentary filmmaker, Chis Harrington, Topics include: the documentary Anarchapocalypse, Cherán, an Anarchistic town in Mexico, anarchism comes naturally to Mexico, self government, the growth of the liberty movement and Anarchapulco, the making of the vital documentary Anarchapocalypse, seeking some support from the community.

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Anarchapulco February 14-17, 2019, Acapulco, Mexico
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9 Comments on Visiting The Anarchic Mexican City That Threw Out Government… And Anarchapocalypse

    • honest gas thats why i kept skipping the video forward so i could see the city but realized that they wernt going to show it so i didnt bother watching the video at all

    • +miranda rossi right? I was hoping to see a beautiful, clean, utopian society of brilliant people who all live in harmony.. I guess we will have to wait until the documentary comes out.

    • honest gas perhaps not much chance of that they just seem to want to sit around having a coffee mornibg with a swimming pool in the back ground

  1. One HUGE problem with living in a place like this, as wonderful as it may seem, all it takes is for the existing or a new, “Real government”/ the powers who truly control these lands in this area of the world, to decide they don’t want to “allow” the people to self govern any longer. They come in and take everything and what can those living in a fools paradise do to stop centralized governmental institutions/ militaries from coming in and taking control, Not one damned thing, then you loose everything!!!!Just hard facts and smart thinking. I personally would NEVER trust placing my future in a situation where the rug can be pulled out from under my feet at any time having ZERO abilities for any judicial protection of losses. NO WAY !!! If you like living in this place and taking such chances, More power to you, and I wish you the best. I simply think the risks tosses common sense out the window.

  2. Cheran is not anarchist. They have a government. It’s just not Mexico. I’ve not heard of anybody being able to opt out. Until that point, there’s government.

    Ditto for Liberland.

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