Viral Video: Watch How This Anarchist Paid His Speeding Ticket In Pennies

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Jeff interviews Texan Anarchist Activist, Brett Sanders. Topics include: paying a speeding ticket with pennies, liberty activism, liberty is nature, Adam Kokesh, arrested for open carrying, irrational gun control laws, streaming the arrest via Cell411 app, community support and effecting positive change, order followers the most evil people in the world, lobbyists and the NRA, still no real right to bear arms in the USA

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19 Comments on Viral Video: Watch How This Anarchist Paid His Speeding Ticket In Pennies

  1. They actually can’t pass a law forbidding you from paying in pennies.
    Pennies are legal tender, which is legally defined to be valid payment for
    all debts, public and private. IANAL, but I understand that means they
    can’t forbid you from paying in pennies.

    • You caught that eh 😉 Tough to get out of old habits using the old words
      that used to describe the old/fake reality.

    • +Jeff Berwick I’m highly interested in some unfathomably wacky combo of
      Shemitah/Non-Globular Earth/NASA is beyond blatantly honkin’ the dickballs
      of ‘Murica multidimensionally sort of presentation.

      A boy can dream. 🙂 Thanks so much Jeff.

  2. He should’ve left the buckets. Less hassle than pennies on the floor, but
    they had messages on them.

    • +informationwarfare Definitely, and I think making them count pennies does
      that. The message on the buckets, I thought, was to let them know why.

  3. Can not agree more hat the orders followers PIGs (persons in gov) and other
    PIGs are the most evil inferior-impotent bastards on the planet.

  4. “Order Followers” were created by their parents. They were spanked to
    enforce the “order” to *”not disobey their keepers”*. That pain inflicted
    on a young child is remembered subconsciously all of their life lest they
    disobey. Sad.

    The thing I hate is these adults often parrot. “I was spanked and I’m
    better for it”. Yuck!

  5. Excellent!
    He asked if he could pay with exact change. And they have already counted
    Well done

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