The Untold Story of the Greatest Crypto Project Ever with Paul Rosenberg

Anarchast Ep.464

Topics include: 1990's free nation project, the early days of the internet, early multi-million dollar cryptography project, a whole cryptographic financial system completed by 2002, bulletin boards and irc chat, early solution to the double spend problem, pgp was a big deal, encryption considered to be a weapon, the cypherpunk list, the perpetual travelers, Extropians, spies, things that led to Bitcoin, origins of proof of work, EGold was a very big deal, Satoshi mentions EGold, Bitcoin rolls all this history into one elegant package, Satoshi was a cypherpunk, the real purpose of Wikileaks, Assange, building a better future, Anarchapulco 2020!

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24 Comments on The Untold Story of the Greatest Crypto Project Ever with Paul Rosenberg

  1. When Bitcoin schooles you once again and you return with bowed head to the fold… or inb4 Jeff pumps the next shitcoin? common breh! EOS!!! BeeCash!! What coin pump, Sir?

  2. I think that money itself was invented with the purpose of enslaving and distracting people from the facts that the earth is flat and enclosed with a dome and that we are being farmed like cattle in this terrarium by our own creators. The world elite is aware of the fact that the souls (spirits) of all living creatures, including ours, are being harvested after death and consumed by our own creator-entities. I think that the bioengineering of life itself was done with the purpose of farming the various species and harvesting their souls. Be well. Bye.

    • Wow what beautiful misdirection. Check out 200 proofs the earth is not a spinning ball by eric dubay. Peace out

  3. I bought some bitcoin back in 2010/2011 for an auction site that only used it–just like $15 or $20–but I have no idea where it is, how i stored it–the auctions were impossible to win so I just left it. I’d love to find where I had them.

    • …Assange is controlled opposition.
      …have u seen this ‘series’ of vids on Assange?
      …personally still on the fence when it comes to Assange, but here is some food for thought? …doubted his authenticity ever since he yrs ago stated that there was no conspiracy behind 9/11, people have selective hearing

    • +Nomad Wizard Thanks for the link. I’ve just seen the 4 part series. Unfortunately, comments are disabled. I find the idea that WikiLeaks is an establishment creation to be interesting and relevant, but I sense that the two guys in the videos have confirmation bias.

  4. Excellent interview. While not involved with the cypherpunks, I was watching from the sidelines.

    In my opinion, Satoshi did this exactly right, staying utterly out of sight. If the Feds ever find out who Satoshi is/was, his/her life is not worth a….satoshi.

  5. Wow. EGOLD! Every young crypto fan needs to know about that. Payments solved but the gov’t monopoly stamped it out.

  6. JEFF – a bit off topic, but, have u looked into this guys stuff.
    …if he can start his own country then for sure u and Ed Bugos could do the same ?
    …u as primurderer and he as finance minister and have a no-government government ?
    …LOL, appoint ur dogs to different government posts.

  7. 36:33 – The Golden Rule isn’t as good as people think, as it actually allows people to pester each other (eg. religious missionaries who themselves would WANT people to continuously try to “save” them). Therefore the Inverse Golden Rule is better: “Do NOT do to others what you DON’T want them to do to you.”

  8. There was heaps of places to buy bitcoin 2010-2011 you could sell linden dollars from 2ndlife for btc, there was western union etc wasn’t only mtgox.. I was there !

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