The Truth About Vaccines From The Most Prominent Vaccine Researcher Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

Anarchast Ep.417

Jeff Berwick interviews Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, topics include: the right to choose or refuse a vaccine, informed consent, herd immunity, number of vaccines gone up from 3 in 1990 to 16 now, vaccine side effects, adult vaccination plans, autism, vaccine toxicity, global depopulation, polysorbate 80 and encephalitis, curing disease not a 'good business model', doctors conflict of interest, doctors are herd animals, healthcare indoctrination, symptom free in the presence of a drug is not health, healing from vaccines, detoxing,vaccines and early death, a dirty industry, the dangers of exposing this information, the Mastering Vaccine Info course and its overwhelming popularity, Anarchapulco 2019

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27 Comments on The Truth About Vaccines From The Most Prominent Vaccine Researcher Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

  1. Once you realize that the government is in place to serve the elite rulers of the planet, not for us, it soon becomes obvious that everything they force upon us is for their gain, not ours.
    You think people like the Bushes, Clintons and Trumps are injecting their kids with this crap? Of course not. You think that they are consuming the poisoned food and water they force upon the rest of us? All the media and propaganda is weaponized against us. We literally line up with our children to be poisoned by them.
    This is all part of the depopulation agenda. Create a sick population dependent on the government for the so called healthcare system (or sickness industry) to put us all into poverty and watch us kill ourselves.

    • Max D Actually,Trumps son Baron is slightly autistic from vaccines and from what I’ve researched ,he’s an anti-vaxer

  2. Youtube is about to strike this channel and fire bomb this video, in 5,4,3,2…! Vaccine TRUTH is a NO, NO and is a highly taboo subject. The Vaccine (Bio-Weapons) industry is very powerful, politically connected and highly protected! Think Bill Gates and population reduction!

  3. I think its the aids medicine itself thats the problem.. The test was invented by a dodgy doctor.. So if your bodys run down you lack a certain molecule that is detected by this test…

  4. I remember the swine flu disease, I ended up getting it after I got the vaccine in middle school

  5. ‘been a fan of Dr. Tenpenny since 2010. A great warrior for truth. She has done her homework. If you want to know about vaccines, ask the doctor who has devoted many hours of her life to studying them.

  6. Sorry to hear about Your Mom Jeff,My family is the same way -It’s tough when the people You love are fast asleep

  7. Thanks Jeff. Im vegan now and perfect health but I remember when I was 21 old i went to get hapetitus B shots I was so brainwashed hahaha Jeff Dr.Joe Dispenza can you invite him Jeff ? His work is nothing like it.

  8. I have asthma, allergy to peanuts, and ADHD. The last one is up for debate, lol. But I ask professionals all the time WHY? They don’t really give me a response. So my thinking is that until someone can point to something for the increase in adhd, asthma, peanut allergies, and autism why not vaccines. Sure gmos could do the same thing, but is there difinitive proof yet? If it is gmo then that also has government fingerprints.

  9. The hidden rulers of this world have their lackies do things for one of two purposes, to make the higher ups of the cabal more powerful or to make humanity weaker. They will not stop until they are godlike compared to every other human

  10. I am a teacher and I can tell you there is a reason autism is sky rocketing and these kids cant pay attention longer than a few seconds. This agenda is pure evil.

  11. Don’t want the government to force you to vaccinate? Fight to abolish tax paid health care. It is _way way way_ cheaper to vaccinate and prevent a disease than it is to cure it.

    You can’t be mad at the government looking out at the bottom line. Top scientists have confirmed beyond shadow of a doubt that vaccines are good for the _vast vast vast_ majority of people. You can insist that vaccines only cure rash some other trivial things, but the fact is that modern medicine and vaccines in particular are the #1 reason why life expectancy doubled in the last 200 years.

    So if you’re dumb enough to want to be exposed- it’s your choice. The government shouldn’t force you to get vaccinated- it _should_ force you to both pay for your own treatment in the case you get sick, while also paying for any other person that gets sick because of your carelessness.

    So I do support the idea of smaller government and less impositions and more freedoms- but you can’t have it both ways. You can’t have big government that you expect to cover your medical bills, while also expect to have freedom to act recklessly and downright foolishly with your health just because someone else will pick up your tab.

    If you need further convincing that most people, have your best interest at heart- just look at this chart of how far we’ve changed in the last 200 years:

    Saying that the healthcare professionals are out to hurt you is the absolute perversion of what health care stands for and what the facts say it has done for us.

  12. Sorry Dr. Tenpenny 50 years from now I think the medical industry will be saying now our Vaccines are safe. My own mother believes a lot and knows even less then me and that is no great amount.

  13. I went to a gp in Roseville Minnesota. She was some high-handed foreigner of some sort. Really insulting. When my bp tested a bit high she wanted to put me on about five drugs to treat the bp and protect my liver and eyes. When she offered the flu shot I declined. So she offered me a psych evaluation.

    They got a million moves.

    I cured by borderline bp with exercise and diet. They still don’t accept that I succeeded and consider me non compliant with the bp meds.

    I didn’t know I was an anarchist. Thanks for the education.

    Next year, Anarchipolco!!!

    I almost forgot. I went in to dr office today and there was a sign for walk on mamograms. I have decided years ago, enough of that and have started intentionally to fall between the cracks.

    I forgot, at the first appt after the exchange the nurse went to draw blood and without asking jabbed me with a tetanus booster and just looked at me with a satisfied attitude, trying to provoke me.

    You arenright this system is crumbling.

  14. Take liquid zeolite. That will detox you of heavy metals, toxic chemicals and residues from the vaccines.

  15. Hi Jeff, I found what Rudolf Steiner said about vaccines in around 1900. He said in the future “the dark forces” will vaccinate away all spirituality from people.

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