The Social Experimentalist – Danny Shine On Waking People Up In The UK and the World

Anarchast Ep.409

Jeff Berwick interviews Danny Shine, The Social Experimentalist, topics include: activism in the public space, addressing social thought control, loud social commentary on a megaphone, the truth can be scary, many laws turn the police into criminals, big brother culture, free speech vs the police state, public school indoctrination, is money good or evil, Capitalism and exploitation, ownership and the fruits of your labor, communism and property, corporations and the free market, Steemit and philanthropy, join Danny on the streets.

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23 Comments on The Social Experimentalist – Danny Shine On Waking People Up In The UK and the World

  1. First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win… #StayWoke #pioneers

  2. Great show! I really like that guy and his questions were great. Both of these guys are amazing and Jeff did a great job clarifying his positions which I agree are the best ways that we can do things for now at least..

  3. Jeff, I think I’ve seen every episode and this is one of your best interviews so far, mainly because of the questions that you had to field and how well that you articulated the answers. Keep up the great work. I’m really thrilled at how well your enterprise is doing.

  4. This sounds like strawman law. I love the scene with the crowd and police. I want to see that here. You should do a world tour of enlightening the masses.

  5. u dont think Tesco has a right to sell the apples .. GROW YOUR OWN! you not forced to pay someone for the work they have done ( other than buy government ) , you welcome to learn how to do and make what you want so you dont need to pay any one for anything … think you might soon realise that not very workable solution.

  6. While back, father would teach their sons their work and skills. Today it is called child exploitation.

  7. At 19:00 ish, there’s Danny’s good old commie side exposing itself! I like him but “economics is hard, man…”

    • There are voluntary communities that exist, where no aggression, force or violence is used on any other individual, where people co-exist without money. Believe it or not, it is possible to live happily like this, and one need identify as a ‘communist’ or ‘capitalist’. Read kennykitchen’s article on the Rainbow Gathering on steemit. It is possible to live in abundance without using money, it just takes another level of consciousness from the community. As Danny said, where everyone sees each other as brothers and sisters. Do you charge money to your mom when she needs help with something? Or do you do it for free, because she’s your family? Now imagine that unconditional love you have for your immediate family was spread to the entire human family.

    • lewis mckeever i like your comment. Dannys rhetoric is waaay too anti state to consider him a commie.

  8. When Jeff mentioned “rivers could be owned” the guy immediately thought of corporations exclusively as though that’s the only way to own a part of a river, through a mega Corp.

  9. Jeff, you have to get Peter Joseph (of The Zeitgeist Movement) on your show. It would be excellent – the best discussion you would ever have!

  10. ..returning to watch again after cruising through about a hundred or more vids from Danny. socialexperimentalist ..oh yeah!

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