The Silk Road Free Ross-a-thon with Lyn Ulbricht

Anarchast Ep.320

Jeff interviews Lyn Ulbricht, mother of Ross Ulbricht of Silk Road fame, topics include: The Silk Road, Free Ross-a-thon, Ross's unfair conviction, upcoming appeal, US justice system scam, $14,000 to print the appeal document, the wider implications of the trial, corruption among the prosecution, a most dangerous precedent, Ross is a political prisoner, jury nullification, generosity from the voluntarist community, a great opportunity to educate the public, it's time to push back!

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7 Comments on The Silk Road Free Ross-a-thon with Lyn Ulbricht

  1. Hey Berwick, I’m going to try my hardest to see you this year at
    Anarcopulco! Who else in chat is coming?

  2. Don’t stop fighting Mrs. Ulbricht:( Ross is a political prisoner and this
    system is thoroughly corrupt and evil.

  3. Freedom lies in Jurisdiction. common law citizens do not pledge allegiance
    to the us of a rather to the state or are stateless. thus cannot fall into
    purview of the federal laws.

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