The Rise of Trump, Fascism and the Alt-Right with Jeffrey Tucker

Anarchast Ep.348

Jeff interviews Jeffrey Tucker, topics include: Jeff Tucker's report on Anarchapulco, the 'alt-right' and fascism, authoritarianism, Mises was the leading opponent of Marxism, collectivism, Hegel's criticism of economic freedom and total statism, Thomas Carlyle and the movement against free markets, Darwin and disgenics, Madison Grant and the eugenics movement, Spengler's Decline of the West, Carl Schmidt, the failure of government, growing fascism in the US, biometric exit scans at airports, tyranny only held in check by financial constraints, knowing when to leave the empire, the harsh reality of Trump, Trump's economic tomfoolery, Elizabeth Warren, changing the world, who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

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31 Comments on The Rise of Trump, Fascism and the Alt-Right with Jeffrey Tucker

  1. Maybe Jordan Peterson could knock some sense into Tucker’s head. I doubt it, but I’d like to see him try. It’d at least be interesting if not insightful.

  2. Tucker lost points in respect by sperging out on Spencer. Augmentation should be done calmly with respect to civility.

    • +TheRichie213

      Yeah. A philosopher promoting universal and consistent principles and now just pushes the same crap I’ve been hearing my whole life on local right wing talk radio. He also now rejects a lot of free market economic principles too. Schilling for the regime is profitable though.

    • Enjoy holding your principles above communists marching over your grave, so pure!

    • +Brady Rose
      The communists are discrediting themselves every time they open their mouths. Average people are waking up. It’s the best time ever to have consistent principles, not to throw it all away and join the circus.

    • There are a few videos out there where they actually have some discussions. I think they might actually be friends (just the impression I got anyway).

  3. I’m with Jeff, I can’t believe anyone would not be interested in this!
    Excellent information, thank you 🙂

    • This is because the claim that they went statist is false. They still understand libertarianism, they just don’t consider principle a commitment to a suicide pact. Being pure for the sake of communists marching over your grave is pointless.

    • Christian Anderle Sorry to bother you, but you imply that someone unlearn things being imerse in a closed-authoritarian society. But weren’t those conditions that boost anarcho-capitalist knowledge around the world (with internet)?
      And answering both of you, you can live unethically in an unethichal enviroment… but deep down your “soul” (character) is crushed, believe me.

      I get people do convenient things in order to survive or for the good of their families, but going back to the cave is unthinkable (at least in his consciense). it’s like if a guy tried to ungay himself lol

    • I think they unlearn things because they want to save freedom. It is usually argued it is a temporary exception to save the civilization or liberty. Once you become convinced that a population able to live according to anarcho-libertarian principles is turning into a population unable to live according to such principles (due to any reason, transformation or problem), you will, in the absence of other options to stop this transformation, be tempted to convince yourself that accepting a strong state for a brief time (in order to reverse the transformation or to solve the problem) is the lesser evil to losing liberty ‘forever’. Assume you become convinced, your society is ‘dumbing down’ because of dysgenic breeding. Or it is subverted by who doesn’t play fair. Or it is threatened by Communists who want to shoot and expropriate everyone. Or it is plundered by imperialists. Or it is losing its cohesion and immanent solidarity due to multiculturalism. Or it is controlled by a few giant monopolists undermining competition and manipulating the people. Etc., etc. In appreciation of such fears (whether well-founded or not is irrelevant, a fear is a fear), liberty-conscious people have historically turned into statists arguing the state needs to solve the problem, so that we (ideally) can restore liberty under truly ideal and fair conditions thereafter (= save liberty).
      Certainly, the Internet boosts anarcho-capitalist and libertarian knowledge and ideas; but it also boosts fears and opposing ideas. Human beings are certainly not as irrational and irresponsible as many statists think they are, but they are not as rational as we would like to have them either. Most people are not convinced by facts. Most people follow peer leaders based on original identity choices… people react highly defensive whenever they think their identity group is attacked or in danger (their country, their nation, their people, their religion, their ethnicity, their race; their community, their football club; their motorcycle gang; whatever it is they most identify with). Stefan Molyneux has been accused of ‘selling out’, but what he really does is bringing libertarian ideas to the mainstream (Christians and patriots)… empires, statists, dictators, religious leaders are so successful all over history because most people love ‘to belong’. Every human being loves ‘to belong’; if every human being would develop some liberty consciousness next to it, this would be tremendous progress, because then people would chose less harmful if not better identity groups.

    • Paul Brammer The history of this stuff is so fascinating but its weird how much its in the background and shadows of history that most people have never heard.

  4. What most people overlook about real fascism is that it’s proponents are usually reactionary to left “anti-hierarchical” ideology and then building on this “pro-hierarchical” stance they turn to a domination based philosophy.

  5. I would love to hear how you will reason away the longest running and must oppressive form of theocracy and conquest ideology known as Islam

  6. The Bureaucracies run the country regardless of POTUS.
    But this is a great interview with JT.
    He’s constantly in the trenches fighting the intellectual war.
    Non violent, truly liberal, critical thinking. Takes courage.

  7. The Alt Right is just modern marketing for National Socialism and White Nationalism. Anyone who is in the Alt Right knows this.

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