The Octopus Of Global Control with Charlie Robinson

Anarchast Ep.415

Jeff Berwick interviews Charlie Robinson, author of 'The Octopus Of Global Control' Topics include: who is in control? tentacles everywhere, a world without leaders, inside the real estate bubble, IMF and World Bank economic hitmen, the central bank system is a rigged game, state suppression of economic education, banking is the silent killer, cryptocurrencies are a major power shift, the dangers of disarmament, nationalism, statism and modern slavery, media and propaganda, a multi-generation plan by inbred psychopaths, the 9/11 narrative, false flags in history and today, the net undermining propaganda, growing censorship of independent journalists, a great awakening.

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22 Comments on The Octopus Of Global Control with Charlie Robinson

  1. Stephan Molyneux, Alex Jones, Mark Dice, and the like can wake you up but they will keep you dazed and confused.

  2. ugh, that thumbnail of that space kraken from HP Lovecraft, I was told to never read it. But hearing the majority of the people obessesed with that chutlu crap they all have anxiety/depression issues, on pills, worship insanity, post qotes about being fed on for enterney, etc…its just pathetic and disgusting. FCAT

    they say its JUST fiction, well so is Santa Claus mythos and look at the culture it creates every December in places in is celebrated…FACT

    Like CERN trying to make contact with aliens from other dimensions(wouldn’t be surprised in they worship this ctuhlu nonsense), making “mock” satanic rituals of humans, etc…FACT

  3. Jeff you keep acting like a little child on camera looking away talking to your friends while your guest talks.


  4. I hadn’t heard of his book before, I’ll check it out. ☺ Each one teach one, that’s the Crypto way! #pioneers

  5. Regarding Danny Jowenko (911, Demolition expert) died in a car crash. Seems those who get close to the truth and are able to change minds of a lot of people… they don’t live very long.

  6. You are born free education teaches us we slaves, nothing matters but you, lizard alien blood drinking leaders a distraction, love and care for your family, get back to nature, it’s waiting for us, we are all guardians of this world, truth is our Creed, there is no fear but only stupidity due to misunderstanding, the natural laws dictate everything is possible but not at the expense of others, karma is real, it’s either your enemy or your best friend. Peace to all we are one family

    • Terrence Burger this rite here is on point, once you realise YOU you are 100% responsible for your reality, there is no excuse anymore, the masses are ignorant not innocent!

  7. good stuff guys……….I like the term black belt of conspiracy theories………………..I also notice that flat earth is gaining a lot of traction and actually people are starting to look questionable when they argue a globe because they have never really thought much about it and run out of steam after the horizon and pictures from space from 1971 which are by admission photoshopped.

    • dolo gore ,Sir about the earth movement, there is only exist on a zonbie mind.. reality is that nobody standing on ground earth feels any movement except in a case of earth quake period…..

  8. Yes Jeff said Global Slavery, but Jeff knows The EARTH is FLAT………………………….

  9. Guys why you still use the word “global”??? Earth is flat, there are no globe or global!!!

  10. The ONLY way 9/11 happened the way we were told is if the law of physics ceased to exist around lower Manhattan on the day.

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