The Music Industry Is Mind Control – The Beatles, Beyonce, Bono Are Not What You Think

Anarchast Ep.421

Jeff interviews conscious music DJ, Mark Devlin. Topics include: we are in essence free sovereign beings, mind control through entertainment, lifetime actors, culture creation, social engineering, Edward Bernays and propaganda, military industrial complex, people in the public eye are not who we think they are, the control of celebrities, trauma based mind control programming, occult practices in high circles, music and human psychology, celebrity bloodlines and military connections, Jim Morrison, Frank Zappa, Mick Jagger, Cliff Richard, Paul McCartney, Bill Cosby, Roseanne Barr, Kayne West, independent music, famous people are not your friends!

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31 Comments on The Music Industry Is Mind Control – The Beatles, Beyonce, Bono Are Not What You Think

  1. I have been recording, performing and releasing truth music for 10 years plus. Anarchist / Self Ownership promoting content, check out my work. I love your work and appreciate Mr. Devlin as well. Two great minds right here

  2. It’s not the lyrics fault that black men aren’t succeeding. It’s their lack of fathers, a situation incentivized by money rewarded for choosing single motherhood. Single mothers love gangsters and lowlifes BECAUSE they’ll leave them. Government is essentially a process of replacing fathers, and other free men, with state power. But single-mother welfare is particularly bad because of it’s destructive intentions and effects to the family structure, a principle base for civilized society in the west, more-so than most people realize. Anyone who has been through divorce knows how destructive it is to everyone in that family. Charity based on emotional manipulation is disruptive to the natural flow of resources to those who need and deserve it. Welfare is a short term solution with long term unintended (as if) consequences.

  3. All media is full of degendered frankentrannies. Consume ANY media and you are being duped and brainwashed. Hawkins , Einstein, all of them are fakes and also trannies. The cabal owns EVERYTHING, and everything in any media is manufactured and is NOT real, just like politics.

  4. We’d love to say hi to Mark! Get your arse out west, West is the best says Jim Morrison!!

  5. who owns hollywood, the music industry, fake news ,banking, academia, politics? jewry. he talks about everyone but jewry. that’s a pretty big omission, isn’t it?
    and all these ‘stars’ who supposedly died as a result of ‘breaking their mind control’ faked their deaths. this guy is a gatekeeping shill

    • shroomingnewman 3 I seriously doubt it. Don’t you think it would be a tad counterproductive for the deep state to have a guy waking up thousands of people to the reality of state control just so he can not address the fact that a lot of the puppet masters are Jewish? Not to mention, Berwick often talks about his belief that these Zionist elites implement the roughly 7 year cycle of economic crashes known as the Shamitah (or how ever you spell it). He probably just doesn’t want to come across as antisemitic, lumping all Jews in with our evil, bagel and lox eating overlords. You know, the whole individualism thing?

      There are a lot of Jewish people in the liberty movement as well. Many Jewish people are highly intellectual, as their culture holds intelligence, education and philosophy in high regard. Because a strong belief in natural law, individual freedom and responsibility tends to attract these brainier types of people a little more, many of them tend to become Libertarians.

      Many of the originators of libertarian thought were Jewish as well. Milton Friedman, Ludwig von Mises, Friedrich Hayek, William Volker, Frank Chodorov, Murray Rothbard and I believe a few more were all big ol’ Jews. Where would we be if it weren’t for them and their work (probably still supporting the Republican/Democrat puppets being played by their Zionist rulers)? Do you think they were all agents of the deep state too?

      There are no contradictions and such…

    • They always bat around at the leaves and branches but can’t quite bring themselves to address the root of the evil, jews.

    • I always expect a comment such as this to come up with every interview I do, and I’m never disappointed. Bold keyboard warriors throwing out accusations of someone being a gatekeeping shill with ZERO documentary evidence to back up the claim. For whatever reason, you’ve chosen not to accept the information, despite it all being verifiable, with citations for everything I say appearing in my two books – not that you’d know that because you clearly didn’t bother to read them before projectile-vomiting your opinion. If you had, you’d also see that I DO mention Jewish control over the entertainment industries there. There’s only so much you can get across in a one-hour interview, and you can’t win either way, because if I HAD raised the question of Jewish control, I’d then get submerged in a tidal wave of “anti-Semitic” accusations. You’d discover this for yourself …. IF you actually put yourself on the frontline, under your own real name, rather than just spouting opinions from the safety of a keyboard all day.

  6. there are numerous independent musicians on the web, just stop listening to manufactured superstars

  7. I think you can safely say when it comes to any kind of media, if it’s popular, it’s mind control. There’s lots of music out there though that’s about bringing people closer to truth instead of hiding it…you just won’t hear it on the radio.

    • I’m pretty sure Tavistock got mentioned by name in what I said, and there’s only so much you can get across in just over an hour. That’s why I wrote two books of almost 300,00 words combined to tell the whole story!

  8. Yes Please have Mark on! This is truth that most people chose to ignore. This music is destroying our generations so awareness and truth need to be shown!

  9. One of the best episodes! Knew already some stuff, but interesting new information! Jeff, please bring this guy back for another interview!

  10. great point, once you are awake you are half way there…….then you have to navigate through it, no point being a martyr, no point driving yourself mad……….you can navigate around things and I have done what Jeff has done and moved away form the toxic British/American police states and removed my money from paying those states taxes or interest and its pretty easy to do, just move

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