The Joys of Psychopathocracy: Why Criminality is Essential to Modern Government with Greg Caton

Anarchast Ep. 397

Jeff interviews author and 'most wanted' Greg Caton, topics include: a thousand year old cancer cure, Psychopathocracy, good government is an oxymoron, negaprocity vs cooperation, Anarchy as a science, in the absence of anarchy you get planetary destruction, government is an unnatural parasite, deep seated corruption is the norm for government, ecological stress, environmental degradation, heading towards a lifeless planet, we have passed a tipping point, life is a fragile gift, government driven destruction, good government is impossible, the tyranny of good intentions, the masses of beneficiaries of corruption, Anarchapulco 2018

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28 Comments on The Joys of Psychopathocracy: Why Criminality is Essential to Modern Government with Greg Caton

  1. I think you could have an interesting conversation with ND Peter Glidden. I’d recommend you check out his health-based channel. I’ve heard him talk about false flag attacks as well.

  2. Very good interview! Loved it! In the late 1990s, I found Greg Caton’s website There were many testimonials and before, during and after pictures of people with cancer who used Cansema Black Salve. Cansema Black Salve obviously worked as the cancers died and fell out of the body. A few years later I looked at the AltCancer website again. The testimonials, videos, and pictures were all gone. The website said something like due to a lawsuit, they could not give any information, but if you had cancer, there was a 100% money back guarantee. A few years later I looked at the AltCancer website again. This time it said Greg Caton had spent a few years in jail, and the government had confiscated his equipment, products, and money for selling Cansema Black Salve. A few years later I pulled up the AltCancer website again, and it said the U.S. government went to Ecuador to arrest him there. No good deed goes unpunished!

    • Haven’t watched whole interview yet. But read the posted comments. Where do you get Cansema Black salve and know it is a reliable source? Thank you in advance.

    • Yes, the corporate monopolists running the AMA monopolies in my community murdered my neighbors 14 year old daughter after abusing her body for 6 years spreading her cancer everywhere in her body. Finally threatening to take her out of her parent’s custody on her death bed because her mom wanted to stop the chemo at her dying daughter’s request. MD’s are not only murderers, they are sadistic abusive murderers now. This corporate monopolist tyranny has to be brought to an end now- this year (2018)- no one can sit idly by and watch this destruction anymore without being considered an accomplice to the crimes at this point- and i mean ALL the doctors, nurses and anyone who works for any “medical” monopolist, because THEY keep this barbarity going by working for it.

    • Greg’s wife maintains their lab in Ecuador and they ship Cansema all over the world. See:

  3. This guy is a PERFECT example of “YOU GET WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT”
    Check out Abraham-Hicks, and, Bashar on YouTube.

  4. I kinda hoped to attend Anarcupolco. If I can see Greg Caton there, it will certainly be in my plans not to miss it.

  5. Greg needs to go to the conference if for nothing else, to meet some of the brilliant minds that are going to be there.

  6. The winning argument for producing natural remedies – The government dropped their lawsuit against Alfred Adask for manufacturing colloidal silver when he argued he was not an animal.

    Man-made laws define man as an animal and a pest. Laws allow man to be enslaved, sterilized, and subjected to population control to thin the herd. Law defines man as an animal and as a pest to be controlled, enslaved, and exterminated. Laws that you think only apply to animals also apply to man. The laws you pass against animals allow your government to institute your enslavement, depopulation, sterilization, and extermination. Luciferians who have infiltrated and subverted government can thin their herd. What you do unto others (including animals) will be done unto you. If you want freedom, give it to animals. You reap what you sow.

    How you can win arguments against forced vaccinations, possession of marijuana, and prescribing natural remedies:

    The Attorney General of the State of Texas dropped their 5 year long, $25,000 per day lawsuit against Alfred Adask fined him for distribution of a controlled substance (colloidal silver) when he argued he was not an animal. They didn’t even charge him court costs. The laws that govern marijuana, natural herbal remedies, forced vaccinations, drugs, etc. all define man as an animal. The courts did not want to let his argument of whether man is an animal because they understood the broad consequence if he won.

    Alfred Adask is the author of the “Anti Shyster” newsletter. The Attorney General of the State of Texas was suing Al Adask for $25,000 a day. That’s $9 million per year. Al Adask was on the hook for a potential $20 million, and the State of Texas dropped their lawsuit, because Al Adask read the definition of words in the drug laws.

    In 2001, the Attorney General of the State of Texas sued Mr. and Mrs. William Purnell and their corporation under a civil suit for the manufacture and distribution of a controlled substance.
    The lawsuit was initiated by the FDA in Washington DC. Al Adask was added to the lawsuit in 2006. By the time Al was added there were 6 previous defendants, one of which was Ben Taylor, Ben’s corporation, and Ben’s trust. Al Adask told Ben Taylor to add him as the fiduciary for Ben Taylor’s trust. Al Adask had volunteered to be fiduciary so he would be able to speak in the court case, but didn’t expect the State of Texas to then add him as a defendant.

    The controlled substance that Ben Taylor and Alfred Adask were being sued for producing was colloidal silver, a safe natural inexpensive antibiotic that was in competition with Jewish-owned Big Pharma’s antibiotics. Al Adask defeated the State of Texas when they dropped the law suit, because Al Adask found the laws governing controlled substances defined man as an animals. Words in law can be redefined for that particular law. To find out the definitions of words in a law, you must look up the definitions of words in that specific law. The law for medical substances defines man as an animal. When Alfred Adask argued that he is a man, not an animal, they dropped the case against him. The Attorney General of the State of Texas had spent 5 years trying to nail Al Adask. Al did not even have to pay court costs.
    Al Adask “Man Or Other Animals”

  7. Yeah it would be great if Greg could come, this was one of the most thoughtful and most informing interviews I watched for some time now.

  8. Sobering. Left California in 2009 to get to Ecuador with my children and never looked back. It’s such a balance act realizing all the good, creative new things going on while also realizing we still have yet so much to clean up and rebuild.

  9. Anarchy is freedom. What happens when you choke freedom? You castrate human agency. You take life away from human persons. Our personhood comes from our agency. The opposite of Anarchy is dehumanization.

  10. Very nice to see an anarchist who cares about the environment. Very rare. I don’t feel so alone now. Not everything is about “markets” . Without respect for the sacred, markets will be as destructive as government…a deep truth that anarcho-capitalists are sorely missing in their philosophy.

  11. Good interview. In the USA, Government does not exist tho- and hasn’t since 1871- all we have now is a corporate monopolist organization, run by banking monopolists and international corporate monopolists that NAMED their corporation the “United States government”…. And I hope people will soon realize that- and learn how to stand up for their inalienable rights to these usurpers before their illegitimate globalist NWO empire destroy’s everything.

  12. Centralized systems get usurped by bad people. Sociopaths have the advantage of not having to deal with guilt, shame or empathy. Their personalities have a charisma of confidence that attracts small people. In a decentralized system they still exist but have no more power than everyone else.

  13. this guy has said nothing, what his point !! we all know the about the fascist state . plus nuclear bombs are a hoax, tell us how to detox from the chemtrails– those are what people need to learn…… c’mon Jeff

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