The Hidden Knowledge of the Power of Ourselves with Richard Sacks of Lost Arts Radio

Anarchast Ep.445

Jeff Berwick interviews Richard Sacks of Lost Arts Radio, topics include: fasting and cleansing, the Essene gospels, governments and corporations, who you are, what you can do, sacrificing the biosphere, the causes of disease, Satanism among the elite, negative vs positive forces, attuning the physical with the spiritual, positive empowerment, habits and addictions, the nature of mind and body, thank your body, thoughts have effects, kindness, we are all one, compassion, the nature of love, the best you can be, Health and Wellness at Anarchapulco

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Anarchapulco February 14-17, 2019, Acapulco, Mexico
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21 Comments on The Hidden Knowledge of the Power of Ourselves with Richard Sacks of Lost Arts Radio

  1. Wow my experience fits well with Richards. The emotional blocks that hinders you and the indescribable feeling of bliss when you’ve made good progress on the health and clean eating /fasting journey. Quality guests as always !


  3. Are they really intelligent, though? I know they think they are. But are they? If you take their “plan” to its logical conclusion, it will end really badly for themselves as well. It takes billions of people to maintain the economic system that allows for their current lifestyle. Replacing us with robots will not work. You need this localized, specialized, decentralized knowledge. I honestly don’t think they’re intelligent enough to realize this. They seem more like low-end midwits with Dunning-Kruger superiority delusions. Have you listened to these people talk? There’s no way these Davos types score anywhere above 110 on an IQ test.

  4. Jeff you would love the book “The Kybalion” it is a short book about hermetic philosophy. A great read and will relate to everything

  5. Wow, I have already listened to this a few times, some really life changing info here. Absolutely loved this

  6. the most dangerous truth is the half truth. this guy has figured that out, and is peddling woo mixed in with reality.

  7. The Draco are the ones that designed this system, they are gone now. The ones left only took orders and don’t understand how the system works which is why they’re losing it.

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