The Great Reset Sniper on How and Why This Whole System Is Going Down

Anarchast Ep.418

Jeff Berwick interviews Francis Hunt, the Crypto Sniper, Market Sniper and Great Reset Sniper. Topics include: the expansion of global control structures, the ever tightening government stranglehold, seasons in the crypto markets, mega wealthy becoming part of the control structure, oligarchs, Trump an insider, everybody is in violation of a tax, collateralized debt obligations, trans-generational, multi-generational plan, big players moving into crypto, property on the blockchain, a world tax number, taxing digital nomads, crypto not a bubble, wealth building as a spiritual quest, the moral duty of tax avoidance, smartest guys in the room, the real bubble, all markets manipulated

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28 Comments on The Great Reset Sniper on How and Why This Whole System Is Going Down

  1. Cronyism – Socialism – Capitalism: this is the tribrid we have – the first two are a cancer on the third.

  2. trump and all politicians are tricksfters. they all have their own agenda thzt doesnt benefit anyone vut themselves

    • Crypto you are truly talking truth about the fallen human nature. Please don’t give up a “positive thought” and be “too” quick to judge. Thanks. btw, together……we…come on………..

  3. Jeff, i wish you’d give Robert Landen’s Moral Approach a chance. i just got the cops to walk away from me running a stop sign, its really a brilliant tool for freedom. Your neighbor Bob has close ties to Landen, Check Them Out, Man!

    Robert was facing 45 years got it dismissed without ever entering a plea, now he drives around No Tag or License and has gotten SEVEN police officers to walk away in the last month….

    Seriously, its the way to defend yourself.

  4. Among other things, i asked the police officer how he could morally justify threatening to harm a peaceful person who has threatened or harmed no one? I saw in his eyes, once what he was doing had been framed in that fashion, he couldnt hurt me and at the same time feel good about it.

    Came back with a warning that had the notes “Said he did so in a responsible way.” Lol!!!!

  5. The key is getting enforcers to understand what they are doing is wrong, most of them Will Not continue to do it. They have to believe they are good people just to wake up every day haha, once you point out the threats and harm it becomes Very Difficult for them to continue!

  6. What do you think about anarcho communists, some of them are attacking my anarcho capitalist Steemit blog….

    • Best way: fight back but only using real, strong, absolutely logic arguments. Write your responses in new posts – don’t answer in comments, don’t “fight” in comments.

    • Communists, whatever their preverb, are communists. They must be either destroyed, (difficult), or made obsolete.

  7. The Jews and their complete control and ownership of all Central Banks is the problem. they also control all governments.
    Excepting Syria, Iran, Cuba and North Korea.

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