The Free State Project and Trials Of Running an Anarchist Event with Matt Philips

Anarchast Ep. 453

Topics include: early days of The Free State Project, origins and history of Porcfest, living in the free state, internal and external freedom, New Hampshire, more people moving there each year, some great legislative progress already, what number of people is critical mass, encouraging Libertarians to get involved, continuing growth in the movement, juggling celebretarians, schisms, conflict resolution, curating community, online vs in person communication, Burning Man culture, growing libertarian community in New Hampshire, Anarchapulco 2020

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15 Comments on The Free State Project and Trials Of Running an Anarchist Event with Matt Philips

  1. i’m in Pa. and thought about joining the FSP 8 yrs ago..i really should have. not too late i guess. my neighbor is a nosy, fed.

    • There are two sides to a ledger bro …income and lexpenses, which im guessing you are not privy too…

    • +gregory johnson There are like events all over the world. Same Scale, expense, etc Their prices are not even close. These prices are hypocritical at the very least, or maybe I got it wrong, maybe the prices are a very accurate reflection of its inceptor.

    • Price is only relevant to what is delivered to the consumer. Only you can make that calculation.

  2. Really wish they picked a warmer state like FL or NC, but, oh well, I guess I’ll be moving to NH.

  3. its funny, i talk about my creepy neighbor the fed and my comment disappears from public view.

  4. Ohh look another Republican statist pretending to be a anarchist. A statist is no less a slave because he is allowed to choose a new political master every once in a term of years! Real anarchists do not vote at all for any reason because only real anarchists to not need permission from a political master to be free. Real anarchists do not vote for a political master to have them force their ideas upon a minority of people. Real anarchists turn their back on the system and live as this wish as long as their are not harming other people or using a ruling class to harm other people.

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