The End of Government, Illuminati and the Rap Game with Immortal Technique

Anarchast Ep.451

Topics include: the nature of government, the ruling class, Karl Marx was redundant in traditional sharing society, modern political theater, the modern illuminati are faceless corporations, preparing for permanent government shutdown, the modern rap industry, selling out and morality, left and right populism, us foreign policy and illegal immigration, asking the fundamental questions, Anarchapulco 2019

Anarchapulco February 14-17, 2019, Acapulco, Mexico
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21 Comments on The End of Government, Illuminati and the Rap Game with Immortal Technique

    • I dont like the word Anarchist either. People dont know what it means and that is the problem. You can convince someone of anything if they already dont like what you call yourself. Sales and marketing is about getting other people on side to sell your ideas.

  1. Don’t forget every1. The government gives you your rights. The government is your god. Do NOT question them, and always obey every law they write. Because without government telling you what to do, stealing your money through forced taxation, society would collapse and all hell would break loose.
    Remember, you have freedom. Because your benevolent government said so.

    • no it wouldnt then we can trully have a new witch hunt and get ridd of evil once and for all for good this time. we could design a true lasting paradise. its all tnx to these corrupt govr, and the high banks is the reason for an paradise isnt created yet, it has to go, for true lasting peace paradise to be born.

  2. This guy needs to do some research and
    realize self-goverrned societies have been around a LOT longer than government run ones. Just look up Medieval Ireland and Brehon Law (optional law/moral code which lasted for 2000 years without cops and without prisons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As far as western medicine goes, the ONLY thing they have over eastern methods and species appropriate diet and herbs is to save lives of people injured in catastrophic ACCIDENTS . They are the LAST CHOICE for anyone with chronic and degenerative conditions which can easily be DETOXED OUT of the body with a simple CLEAN DIET and FASTING and Nature’s Herbs – which medical doctors admit they know nothing about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. First time I heard Immortal Technique was in 2008. I was 17 years old. I had just been through 11 years of government-sponsored authoritative rituals. Helped wake me up from my statist stupor for sure.
    He’s very articulate. Great conversation.

  4. I have listened to Immortal Tech for years but didn’t know he did interviews. This is one outstanding artist, fully awake and well spoken…!
    I’m envious of the people attending Anarchopulco ’19 with names like Mark Passio, Icke and Max Igan! Wow.

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