Stateless – A Major Documentary on Anarchy Coming Soon with Todd Schramke

Anarchast Ep.425

Jeff Berwick interviews Todd Schramke producer of the upcoming documentary 'Stateless'. Topics include: an 'Anarchist' in Oakland, questioning the role of government, the 'Stateless' documetary project, change and growth in the Anarchapulco expat community, telling our own story, government mind control, crowd funding the Stateless documentary, the band Kylland, tour plans, Anarchapulco 2019

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29 Comments on Stateless – A Major Documentary on Anarchy Coming Soon with Todd Schramke

    • This planet is fucking insane.
      Speaking of plants… gotta love all the idiots whining to have “legalized” weed and supporting the next new state regulations scam. It’s pathetic.

    • You would think(hope)?easy to check–It will be there and bring the same weaponized control as everywhere else.3rd world countries will be a bit later but it will get there and will be the final nail in humanitys coffin.
      AI/5g/transhuman nightmare future next stop

  1. A great first step is to work towards having more then 1 “owner”. So if they happen to become a ruthless abusive one, you can always move to live on a new owners land that will treat you and your money well. You can get a great quality of living in many parts of Mexico, Belize, Panama and many more… Do it now, consider it an insurance policy. It’s too late to buy house insurance once your roof is on fire. Peace Everyone.

  2. dont worry i grew up in oakland california and it is like any other place. just that the cabal wish people to think california belongs to them. not true in the slightest

  3. All you need to do is share surplus and work on shortages together. Humans have same human needs and you can cooperate on that. If it is unusual to help each other, then use ‘time banking’ everyone have got 24h to exchange instead of money.

  4. Need to use same tactics the government use against us. Example if you want a weaponised army you have to disguise it as a charitable organisation like the White Helmets who are actually just government sponsored terrorists.

  5. I love how the music is truly trying to paint these anarchists out to be diabolically insane,this video is for the Dumass who can’t see the propaganda for what it is.its bullshit propaganda like this is what’s causing the issue of the

  6. People in my surroundings still look at me as a curiosity when I tell them I am an Anarchist and they have no idea how to respond. I then gently engage in a dialog usually asking them what they believe it means and then when people are curious enough it can turn into a very open and positive dialog. This is only when I do not meet hostility which is becoming more and more in this fascist society I am trapped in for the moment. It’s my experience that it is not my calling to argue with hostile people, since nothing good ever comes out of it. It inspires me and gives me hope the more we can spread the word and enlighten people. Love Peace Anarchy

  7. Its interesting that he brought up punk. It seems like punk started out as anarchistic and to a large extent has become more socialist/communist.

  8. idea: it shudnt be in the documentary about the gal that’s on the run–perspective: it’s not setting a good risk/reward scenario

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