Seasteading Craziness in Thailand with Patri Friedman

Anarchast Ep.467

Topics include: Anarchocapitalism and law, freedom and new countries, democracy produces bad policies, the realities of seasteading, what happened in Thailand, the reasons for the apparent overreaction from Thai authorities, seasteaders still in hiding, accused of treason, seasteaders were only testing a new structure, the surrounding publicity, general developments in seasteading, concepts in international law, commoditized sovereignty, market competition for governance, startup societies, law is code, cryptocurrencies, applied crypto wealth

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21 Comments on Seasteading Craziness in Thailand with Patri Friedman

  1. why are u so bent out of shape if as u said, i don’t even know what’s going on”?

  2. Having taken 5 minutes to search and read, _Kol Nidre_ and another minute to consider its manifold implications, I don’t trust ANYONE from _The Tribe_ , and I consider those who do to be a half-sandwich shy of a picnic.

    • Batman Vigilante Please get back to us when you discovered a new word.

      There is a big world out there from Astronomy to Zoology.

  3. Try it before the coast of Belgium to attract attention from EU in Brussels and mainstream press 😉 (just like Vit from Liberland is doing)

  4. So there is a time limit that someone or group can stay out in the ocean before they are considered “Something” that is illegal or treasonous?

    • Batman Vigilante Please get back to us when you discovered a new word.

      There is a big world out there from Astronomy to Zoology.

  5. Are you actually free if you have to get permission to sea stead? Countries are open air prisons. Countries are corporations, the only way they govern people is through threat of violence. The point of sea steading is to NOT BOW TO THIS PRESUMED AUTHORITY THAT IS BASED ON COERCION THROUGH VIOLENCE. In doing so you are legitimizing it.

  6. When Monsanto corp. ( China is also in the same business) buy all lands out we probably ‘ll live in the ocean.

  7. I’m from the SF Bay Area, now living in Sac County and California is experiencing tremendous man made problems many of which appear to be Intentionally created by the infamous Powers that Be, there is clearly a sinister Agenda being rolled out here that leaves one feeling like a trapped Animal, I won’t go into the details here but the point is that the System is broken in the extreme whether it is on purpose or otherwise but I am personally convinced that there is a plan being rolled out to depopulate the majority of the Land.

    While it is true that this once proud Representative Democratic Republic has shown itself to be very vulnerable to the forces of corruption, it is clear that it is the Hyper Capitalists that are the ones doing all the corrupting for their own benefit. This is why I have become a Free Market Anarchist and Agora Cooperative Enterprise Entrepreneur which is a Business Entity that is structured as a Democratic Worker/Patron owned Hybrid Company. I believe that Voluntary Direct Democracy along with the Shared Ownership of the means of production and living space is the best approach to wealth creation and distribution that can also avoid most taxation if set up properly.

    I have been following the SeaSteading movement from the start and was interested in this many years before the SSI was created. I have felt from the beginning that ShipSteading/SailSteading was the best way to get things going but for whatever reason no one has yet been able to make it happen. Making it affordable is a huge barrier for sure. This is why I Designed some Super Catamarans to be constructed primarily from Repurposed Aluminum Refrigeration Shipping Containers. While I am well aware that this may sound crazy it actually makes perfect sense for many reasons, one being that their huge size will provide the space for Greenhouses to facilitate long extended stays on the Open Ocean.

    I am actively looking for potential Coop Crew Mates who are willing to adopt a Plant Based Diet and participate in every way to get this project fully launched. Our first step will be to purchase a small Sailboat so the Crew can learn to Sail while also working together to recruit more Crew and Patrons. Leave a comment and check out this introduction video:

  8. One or two retired British Judges were hired as advisers only when Free Zones were initially set up in Dubai, they are not there running these free zones. If you think that you are protected by British Common Law in the UAE think again!!

  9. Well for starters you probably shouldn’t make your Seastead immediately outside of the territorial waters of a sovereign nation. Had the seasteaders claim to sovereignty been recognized it was so close that its territorial waters would intersect with those of Thailand. While it is unlikely that such a claim would be recognized by any nation. The possibility that a nation such as China would intentionally use seasteaders as a means of expanding its own territorial claims is almost a certainty. No nation wants any other nation, even a new one to have sovereign territory that can directly lay claim to their own territory. uncountable wars have been fought over precisely this issue. The possibility of generating border conflicts, or creating a circumstance where hostile nation’s may be able to use seasteads as bases for their military means that no nation on earth will welcome seasteaders who make claims of sovereignty anywhere near their territorial waters. At a minimum the Thai seasteaders should have set up twenty five miles out, so their claims to sovereignty would not cross over the neighboring nation’s territory. Even then, that is cutting it much closer than almost any nation is likely to tolerate. Especially given the two hundred mile exclusive economic zones most nation’s sre now jealously guarding. In order to avoid these conflicts seasteaders will have to choose sites not less than twelve miles outside of the exclusive economic zone of the nearest country. Even then any overlap in the surrounding twelve mile area to sea lanes is certain to bring a swift challenge from existing nation’s and their navies. That leaves much of the world’s most isolated oceanic regions potentially available for seasteading. This is not convenient, and it will ad to the hazard of the endeavor, but it is likely the only way a truly independent seastead can be founded without any direct challenges from existing governments. Even then, pirates and raiders, some possibly operating in league with existing nation’s will remain a significant risk. Good luck, but maybe consider seeking autonomy agreements with existing nation’s, or be prepared to defend the claim.

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