Seasteading – Anarchy on the High Seas with Joe Quirk

Anarchast Ep.444

Jeff Berwick interviews president and sea-vangelist of the Seasteading Institute, Joe Quirk. Topics include: Anarchism through first principles, organic social arrangements, self organization, the Burning Man origins of the SeaSteading Institute, 45% of Earth's surface unclaimed by any government, special economic zones, sea zones, strategic incrementalism, freedom brings innovation, freedom and prosperity, getting involved yourself, maritime laws and aquarchy, the anarchist relationships on the ocean

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22 Comments on Seasteading – Anarchy on the High Seas with Joe Quirk

  1. The reason that he (and everyone else) never thinks in an anarchist/libertarian mindset is because it’s real magic (mind control). Breaking the spell is waking up to reality.

    Also, he seems like a nice guy.

  2. Jeff, tell Joe to make his “seastead” in the water of Liberland! That’s a perfect fit! You can do house-boats there easily or get more elaborate! go go go!

  3. So I got in to Seasteading, in the 80’s from popular science encyclopedia. And have looked at great deal of construction solutions, for building cities on the seas.

  4. Very interesting, but my biggest fear is that the seasteading will mostly be used by the deep state criminals for drug and weapons trafficking, and slave trade and stolen organs. Libertarians are often naive in the way that they just can’t imagine to what level of evil the establishment will go to in order to defeat them. They will place everything from toxic people to spies in your networks, and often they don’t even have to do that as it happens anyway.

    My point is that we need more knowledge from “the inside”, that is: To learn from people in governments. You can’t replace something that you don’t know about, and you definitely can’t defeat it unless you do their work better. (Pretty much what is said all the time, but worth repeating 😉 )

    • Now I’ve seen the rest. Many more interesting thoughts! It’s my birthday today, so I pushed out this video asking for a seastead 😛

  5. So glad to see Joe on here! Was blown away initially by his appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast a few years ago and forgot to check into his work.

  6. Sounds great … I’v heard about blue-frontiers in Horizen (formerly ZenCash) newsfeed, and bookmarked the site. I’ll check it again, really want to have a deeper look at it !

  7. Private Jurisdiction is the key element for seasteads and because they are a vessel at sea they are under the jurisdiction of the captain and its people who can make their own laws, however if you install a post office you come under the control of the federal UPS and it’s Admiralty law of the sea, eg: piracy.

  8. crazy stuff. Land is where the resources come from. Cruise ships are floating environmental destruction.

  9. This is timely, for lots of people and reasons including the fact that Vit / Liberland has this option coming down the pike for some time now. It will work for them, and for the rest of us, and for all the right reasons. Something I have been looking at for awhile now.

  10. Really great interview! I invested in Blue Frontiers, but unfortunately they didn’t have enough marketing to get the amount they needed, so they refunded me. I hope that Anarchapulco can help them get the funding they need on relaunch.

  11. I just downloaded this to listen while driving. Comments here are awesome.

    Am on the road and yesterday I heard Peter Schiff on Joe Rogan Experience. I listened to Peter because of his austrian economic knowledge. He explained how there is no example of any socialist society.

    He said while scandinavian countries tend to be the example of “good socialism,” they are not in good financial shape. Their socialist programs will eventually take them down – like every socialist/communist country before and after.

    Schiff is advocating getting rid of 75% of u.s. military and most other fed programs and going back to constitutional principles. I cannot believe he is still on that trumpet – even when he admits the orange furher is a disaster.

    Joe Rogan asked if there is any proof of good market-driven countries TODAY. Schiff pointed to Singapore. Joe Rogan said, “Yeah, but isn’t Singapore ultra rich?” Peter Schiff said, yes, that’s because they have a free market!

    With all the massive u.s. divisions and social and economic turmoil I sense, I came away yesterday believing that the ussa is DOOMED to communism. So I hope after listening to this podcast I will have a better vision.

    THANK YOU JEFF for your service to humanity. Looking forward to this anarchast 🙂

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