Plant Medicines, Kambo and Freeing Your Own Mind with Macey Tomlin

Anarchast Ep.408

Jeff Berwick interviews returning guest, psychonaught Macey Tomlin. Topics include: Macey's initiation and more than 70 Ayahuasca ceremonies in the Peruvian jungle, the motherland of Ayahuasca, the life long path of Shamanism, changing the world by changing yourself, the tyrant of your own mind, an inner government, Macey creating a retreat in Acapulco, Kambo detox medicine, Ayahuasca and healing, the importance of setting, configuring Anarchapulco, political tolerance, the complete rundown about the retreat, the importance of massage, the body's natural intelligence…

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33 Comments on Plant Medicines, Kambo and Freeing Your Own Mind with Macey Tomlin

  1. Way to ruin what otherwise could have been a good interview Jeff. You were very disrespectful of your guest, first for bringing the dogs & second for your posture throughout the interview.

  2. I love entheogens they really help with my social skills and my mental stability releases the jail bars from my mind

    • Ha ha.. that’s the best comment so far. Macey keeps talking about going deeper and deeper.. I would hope she would realize by now that you can only go so deep in a wading pool before you reach the bottom… how deep could she possibly be? It isn’t about going deeper, all this tripping on “medicine” is about, is avoiding how shallow her life is… go do something with your life Macey, the plant is probably telling you to stop murdering plants.

    • fox ultrafeel the tools are so powerful that some folks aren’t ready for them.
      There have been a few psychotic breaks along the road, not many but some.
      They are not toys

  3. would love to hear more about that topics. @Jeff, I love your dogs, but this time it was a bit to much 🙂

    • GrassFedMeats Some of the world’s greatest mysteries and creation’s were as a result of mind altering drugs. The Egyptians for example likely wouldn’t have built the great pyramids and the inventions that came with their creation without drugs. Programmers and hackers tend to smoke weed and do acid in order to come up with new creative ideas and think outside the box. This is nothing new.

  4. Berwick shaves his legs …..the “weird” energy there is bozo berwicks creepy nature. I feel sorry for her… you can tell she is VERY uncomfortable around berwick.

    • Actually I wasn’t being sarcastic. Answer this please, if it is your opinion that the interviewer is a ‘bozo’ and ‘creepy’, why would you waste your time and energy watching this video? The only reason that I can think of why one would subject themselves to something or someone they didn’t like is so they would have a reason to feel angry or upset. What’s your opinion on this?

    • Berwick sock puppet confirmed. I thought there would be good content somewhere but obviously not.

  5. 7:10 I used my disdain for government as an excuse to get drunk/intoxicated as often as possible in my 20s. I was really hurting myself more than anyone else could, but I justified it by thinking something like “if anyone is going to destroy my mind, it’s going to be me.” I told myself I was “undoing programming” but really I was just avoiding the hard work that it takes to heal yourself. Now I use plants for health and haven’t had a drop of alcohol in years. The plants will help you but you have to DO THE WORK.

    • I Own Me – You Own You I’m in that boat myself. It’s weird how we keep rowing even though we’ve already run a land and can simply walk away atg anytime.

  6. nothing worse than barking dogs in an interview . can we have some crying babies in teh next video please?

  7. I kinda think macey is blackmailing Jeff into giving her attention by threatening to expose Adam Kokesh. Just a maybe.

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