Opening Your Heart, Learning From Children and Being Vegan with Geliqua Amini

Anarchast Ep.410

Jeff Berwick interviews returning guest Geliqua Amini. Topics include: we are all Anarchists at the core, becoming vegan was life changing, techniques of activism, natural living, children are the greatest teachers, homeschooling illegal in Sweden, unscooling vs government school, kindergarten and child abandonment, curiosity the vital element, NAP and animals, meat eating and aggression, diet and care of the body, self transformation, inspiration and Anarchapulco

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33 Comments on Opening Your Heart, Learning From Children and Being Vegan with Geliqua Amini

  1. I was born an Anarchist and my father was one before me. I was born a vegetarian
    , always hated meat and the idea of eating dead animals was always insane to me.

  2. Jeff…wake up…this vegan thing is another of ‘their’ divide and concur schemes.
    Yes, don’t get ur meat from production line butchers.
    This vegan thing is just another of ‘their’ divide and concur scheme. Wake up people!!! It was shown decades ago that plants have feelings and go into fear when someone just thinks about cutting the plant down…Yes, plants have telepathic abilities. It has also been shown that plants vibrate in one way when a pregnant woman walks by when carrying a boy and another if the fetus is a girl. We need to do as most natives do, and some still do, is to ask the plant or animal to give itself to u before cutting the plant or killing the animal. Natives always went hunting and asked an animal to give itself to them and always an animal would appear or drop back from the herd and allow itself to be killed. I have never had an unsuccessful hunt. Even when I go out in the yard for a chicken or rabbit in the pens and ask I never have to chase any down, one is always there for easy and stress-less capture.

    Plants and telepathy:

    Plants can read ur mind & have consciousness:

    Good series on ‘the life of a plant’:

    “We already know that plants have all our senses (they can see, hear, touch, smell and see) without the organs usually associated with them and they have some more specific exclusive senses. We also know that they have very important and intense social lifes. But, are plants intelligent? Can they solve problems, communicate, and navigate their surroundings?”

    • Nomad, just because people have done things for tens of thousands of years does not mean we should continue it. Considering you’re on an anarchist video, I am sure you agree. And, yes, a pound of meat requires at least around 2.5 lbs of grain or other plants; not even taking into consideration the incredible amounts of water required, the necessity of deforestation for the purpose of grazing, etc. I guess since you’re such a plant rights activist, it’s time for you to go vegan.

      I am not quite sure why you conclude that I must be in favor of “eliminating all the meat eating species on the planet,” if you were arguing that it was evil to kill other humans, this would be like me telling you “wow you must be in favor of killing all human predators on the planet then!” and I don’t think you would accept that as a reasonable extension of your moral principle.

      Vitamin B12 is present in soil and water, and because of our purification processes, there are no available sources unless we eat animals who ate dirt and/or B12 supplements or unless we supplement B12 ourselves. There is no inherent presence of B12 in meat, so stop pretending like it’s some kind of fatal flaw with a vegan diet.

      You can obtain every nutrient you need being vegan; that garbage article you linked has the following conclusion: “there are a few important nutrients that are impossible to get from commonly consumed plant foods.” It is incredibly disingenuous to narrow down your analysis to “commonly consumed plant foods” to conclude that vegans are nutrient-deficient…Finally, “If you plan to completely eliminate animal foods, then be extra prudent about your diet and make sure you are getting everything your body needs.” This is true of all diets. To obtain everything your body needs, you must plan and measure your nutrient-intake. This is quite obvious, due to the fact that meat eaters still lack many nutrients such as Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Potassium, Magnesium, Vitamin E, Omega 3s, Vitamin A, etc. So your logic here is absurd and would invalidate all diets.

    • Funkin
      You would have a better argument if you came off as you are speaking from opinion and not as if you are 100% correct and all other counter arguments are false. Unfortunately for you humanity will always consume meat, they love it and arguably the body does as well. We are hunters and always will be..

    • Snide, “you sound too assertive” is not an argument. And it is not unfortunate for me that humanity will always consume meat, it is unfortunate for the animals who have to be brutally executed for the sole purpose of “bacon tastes good tho.” The body does not love meat; it suffocates on high saturated fat and cholesterol content and vegan diets can provide all nutrients necessary for healthy and long living. “It is the position of the American Dietetic Association that appropriately planned vegetarian diets, including total vegetarian or vegan diets, are healthful, nutritionally adequate, and may provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases.”

      Next time you go to the grocery store, I hope you feel like such a wild and natural human “hunter” as you pick out your favorite cut of meat that is nicely packaged and prepared for you.

    • Nomad Wizard: No body is perfect so your arguments do not bother me at all. Some people like to follow Dr. Mercola and some don’t. I just have a lot of respect to those who do not follow the main stream medicine. So I do respect a lot about your opinions and advice as well. It makes me very happy to know that there are still people like you out there in this sick world.

  3. My friend has 5 adopted Indian kids , all amazing, multiple languages. Good quite kids , not your average kid. All full of brains. NONE have ever been to McDonalds. All eat organic food, home grown.

  4. Most parasites eat sugars…especially from fruit, so too much fruit is not good for u.
    Like everything ..control and moderation….balance. Humans r omnivores, we do not have the proper digestive tract for veg only diet.

    • Nomad Wizard don’t know the english names but parasites eat C12H22O11 (Rörsocker in Swedish) and not C6H12O6 that fruit contains

  5. Wow, what a beautiful woman!!! And I don’t just mean that she’ pretty, she’s got a heart of gold.

    • E.L.Dorado dude, no one believes that you’re a nutritionist so stop with the bs.

      And you didn’t read the link I sent you, you just twisting things again, so same as with your buddy nacho, it doesn’t make sense to argue with you

    • I read the link. You are a liar.
      It is all here. People can decide.
      I like how you ignored the scientific part. Campbell fucked with the data. You have done nothing to disprove that FACT.
      You are arguing a completely unsupported point.
      Go have fun.

  6. I look after preschoolers at my home in a govt regulated system. We’re out and about in nature and the community and are required to follow a child’s interests. (In Australia), unfortunately children have to be vaccinated to enrol. It’s sad to see the impact of vaccines and makes the job difficult.

  7. Awesome staff. Thanks Jeff. And it’s true everyone got own journey. I became Vegan 6 year ago after being vegetarian for 22 years ago I was thinking why I didn’t start veganism earlier but again you take your time to open your heart.

  8. wow! really enjoyed this chat, cute pooches too!
    I hated school, skipped all the time starting in grade 9, high school
    It may sound odd to some but you both say it beautifully!
    I don’t buy meat and haven’t in years, too costly and I no longer wish to ingest it all the time, I will here and there, when offered maybe at a BBQ type thing
    changing how you feel, eat, when, why, what, am thankful, gratitude towards everything I cut open to eat, even water you can program with intent
    I still love cheese, and butter
    eggs also eat not as often as the first 2 and fruit is my fav
    Veggies too, I need more veggies
    Dogs love hanging with ppl!-they just love the company! and I love dogs! cats too! for all the cat lovers! I’ve had many of both!
    thanks, good stuff!

  9. Animals do not have rights. A lion is not going to respect a zebra’s “right ” to live. Animals do not have rights because they are not capable of understanding rights and have no historical proof to prove otherwise. Plus we can’t ignore our biology, we were designed to eat both plants and animals.

  10. I like it. Thanks.
    Its tragic that parents throw their kids to school or daycare. Maybe the solution is to not having children you cant afford to unschool? Like if you cant afford to stay home with them, and have alot of friends who can help you, dont have kids, becouse you would harm them later even if you have the best intentions.

  11. Interesting thought about school and vilage raising the child. Like 30 people to one child, and in school it is 30 kids to one “teacher”. So what I get from that is that “teachers” are placing themselfes in the position of the child, where the children have to give him attention no matter what. That is sick.

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