Minds.com – An Open Source Social Media Network Soon Launching A Cryptocurrency

Anarchast Ep.412

Jeff Berwick interviews Bill Ottman for Minds.com, topics include: Minds open source social media platform, the open source movement and voluntarism, a million users on Minds already, crypto incentives and organic reach, the Minds token will have utility, decentralized database, already on testnet, new apps and smart contracts already launched, no 'whales' on Minds, a more equal reward system, a real social media platform, open for feedback before main net launch

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16 Comments on Minds.com – An Open Source Social Media Network Soon Launching A Cryptocurrency

  1. The Boosted post needs to go or at least made smaller or off to the side. It’s annoying that I have to scroll down to see stuff that I actually care about.

  2. @1:15 Berwick asks his guest, “How did you become a *Voluntaryist*?”
    So apparently his catch phrase opener has changed from Anarchist to Voluntaryist & given enough time it’ll eventually filter down in a decade or so to something like, “So, so & so, How did you become a *Statist*” & the full circle evolution will be complete…LOL…

  3. Hey whenever I make a very good point on anarchy to my mom she says “no easy answer” what does that mean?

    • It means she is experiencing cognitive dissonance. I would say back off from it and give her some time to think about it.

    • ironman 123 What’s up, Stark?! JK Haha I’m Corey BTW!
      First of all, I am not surprised by this video, because there are other YouTube channels talking about the same things?! What they are doing is spreading fables and deceiving the people?! When you listen to the guy, he is all over back-and-forth stuttering with his words trying to explain about “Bitcoin”, but he can’t?! So, I personally think that’s what your mom means, “no easy answer”?! And/Or it could mean, “there are no easy answers to the problems facing the economy … There are many tough choices; there are no easy answers … upon to make moral choices, face the consequences of their actions, and consider what it means to “do the right thing” (just stay away and avoid it), because if you follow, it’s only into a trap, you’ll end up losing your Life or your Citizen/Human Rights”?! #DONOTCONSENT

      Now, let’s shed some lights on the actual hidden Satanic Agenda and that is the New World Order?! The Elite’s want a One World Currency (cashless Society), One World Government, One World Religion one world everything?! And part of their plan is to microchip the people, so they can easily track US and they will have authority over our money because it will be on the chip?! That is pretty much a death sentence! because without the chip you will not be able to purchase food, water or anything?! So, it is very important that we fight to keep our rights and to also stay under the money that we are living on now because that is Our Only Hope to keep and have our freedom?!

  4. I hope Minds becomes successful. I’ve had an account for a few months and feel like the social media platform needs more people to be usable. Hope the Minds Token gets people on the site!

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