Max Igan Banned From Youtube For Exposing Christchurch Massacre

Anarchast Ep.456

Topics include: YouTubers banned for discussing the recent shooting, gun confiscation in New Zealand right away, suspicious legislation, de-platforming. heavy censorship in NZ and Australia, violent disarmament, false flag conspiracies, they want you to believe it's fake, why is it illegal to watch the shooting video? discrepancies in the video and the official narrative, government lies and misinformation, government is the real threat, think for yourself, support each other, alternative media platforms

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33 Comments on Max Igan Banned From Youtube For Exposing Christchurch Massacre

  1. Anyone who’s watched it knows how fake it is. They’ve effectively disarmed the southern hemisphere. Wake up

    • Wtf is the big deal of getting rid of guns. Hunters should be allowed them but why does anyone else need them??? We don’t want f……g America or oz cowboys. 50 people died. Give the families the respect to mourn.

  2. Vinney Eastwood has had some really good coverage/commentary on the shooting.

    Total false flag attack to ban guns and fear monger.

    We’re not falling for it.

  3. Best interview I’ve seen in a while. Egan is as sharp as they come! Thanks. Keep at it Egan!!!

  4. People refuse to believe 9/11 was an inside job with all of the glaring evidence. Evidence is easily ignored by the masses if they’re told to ignore evidence. Educate people about morality and natural law, then government and all of those that work behind the scenes for it will be made obsolete by (difficult and painful) natural processes.

  5. NZ is a beta test to see what they can get away with. The end of a beautiful country now an Orwellian country. Way to go Kiwis, bend over here it comes.

  6. Youtube censors are the new brown shirts. Remember what happened to them after their usefulness was over. You aholes protect no one. Your tools unless your an AI. If so your literally a tool.

  7. Well written, was the first thing that hit me when I read Tarrant’s manifesto – especially since, from the outset, he stipulates his lack of further/higher education.

  8. but they let isis beheadings on youtube lmfao what a joke i really wish steemit had a better team so there would be none of this anti free speech/truth/opinion nonsense

  9. Sort of like the shoe bomber here in the U.S. several years ago, was so stupid that his handler revealed himself to the ticket agent at the boarding gate witnessed by multiple people.

  10. Great to hear such a truthful analysis. May I suggest you guys open a channel on as there is still a lot more freedom than on any other platform.

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