Living Outside The Matrix In The UK Police State with Nigel Howitt

Anarchast Ep.434

Jeff Berwick interviews Nigel Howitt from Living Outside The Matrix and Lawful Rebel TV, topics include: the free man movement, asking for regulatory proof from the government, is the state above men? the government considers you their chattel, all roads lead to being an anarchist, challenging the law, jury nullification, self representation in court, anarchy is natural, religion and anarchy, the immorality of involuntary collectivism, the inhumanity of state welfare, power and corruption, state propaganda, the non-aggression principle

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31 Comments on Living Outside The Matrix In The UK Police State with Nigel Howitt

    • doughtymqan
      It should spread until the blood lines make better use there “power”. There’s tons of blood spilled and lost souls praying for what’s fair

    • You have no idea… I am overseas in Asia and was in a coffee shop talking to another random foreigner… he mentioned the self governing city in Mexico and within an hour after that he was discussing anarchy openly… he was missing the background and the vocabulary of anarchists… but he had a solid foundation that will make his total commitment to nonviolence inevitable.

      The virus is spreading… shut it down!!!!

    • Carl B.: I should get out more. I promote personal sovereignty at every opportunity but I don’t socialize much. When I do am careful not to be confrontational, but instead employ the Socratic method. I would never attend a protest. From what I see no one at these gatherings are interested in discussing or persuading, only yelling and fighting. It’s as if they are trying to prove to themselves how righteous they are.
      Had I heard your conversation at that coffee shop I would have eagerly joined in. I hate small talk but I love to talk about serious universal subjects that affect all of us. Anything less is a waste of time.

  1. I do not feel I need to be governed by anyone. We all know Government is Mafia.
    I have no use for government and they have no use for me.

  2. good stuff. this is asymmetrical warfare. the enforcers are trespassing and do not fear any systematic retaliation. yet there should be.

  3. The way to practice this is to challenge them on low level crimes (e.g. parking ticket). This way when the worst thing that can happen is that you have to pay the full fine of the ticket. I did this with not paying the license plate tax tag and got loads of valuable experience in fighting jurisdiction. Really all thanks goes to Marc Stevens.

  4. …, u will never drop out of the system, all u can do, as it’s always been, u can buy ur freedom.
    …..doesn’t matter how many people wake up as ‘they’ own all the land, have pretty much all the money, and hold all the power.
    …..the more who become awake the more ‘they’ will ‘turn up the heat’…watch

    • no taxes, no money, no power, just dry them out, If most people would stay at home for only 3 days, everything would collapse

    • N.W.: It matters how many political zombies there are. Their power concentrated in the hands of a few are what make life difficult for us. Take away that delusion, that self-enslavement, that myth that violent rule is freedom/security, and the whole political paradigm evaporates.
      Then a new political paradigm of voluntary interaction will arise. It’s only logical.

  5. ..nope, cops r not public servants, all western world countries, states/province and municipalities have been incorporated and the masses do not hold any shares so have no say.

  6. As soon as our birth is registered we become property of the state….. I can’t wait to leave! It disgusts me….

  7. Thank you, Jeff I really enjoyed your interview with Nigel Howitt, it is a sad reality that we are all slave’s in an open prison.

  8. Great interview, Jeff. I admired the way you let Nigel express himself. You reminded me of the great Jack Parr, master of the interview. Intelligent listening is a rare skill. I’ve never seen you more in control, more calm, more efficient. You’re getting really good at this.

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