Learn To Love Yourself And Stop Caring What People Think With Sasha Daygame

Anarchast Ep.422

Jeff Berwick interviews multi-returning guest Alex 'Sasha Daygame' Lasarev, topics include: the upcoming Infinite Man Summit in Lisbon Portugal, radical self transformation, modern culture and male dis-empowerment & re-empowerment, overcoming fear of rejection, setting yourself free, living your soul's purpose, healing from indoctrination and trauma, escaping the tyranny of your own mind, becoming more loving, self acceptance, permission to feel, crypto and freedom, details on The Infinite Man Summit

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20 Comments on Learn To Love Yourself And Stop Caring What People Think With Sasha Daygame

  1. Schooling would be freakin awesome if it was geared more towards trade schools. Learning an actual trade that can be used both within and outside of a job is pretty cool, and may very well set you up to run your own business. Welding, carpentry, construction, landscaping, interior design, etc.

  2. Good program today. Thanks Jeff and Sasha. I became involved in ‘New Thought’ in 2012 and 2015 I was introduced to Andy Shaw and settled to my life’s passion. What I learned from ‘gurus’ was that to make online money you need to do this… and yet it did not fit into what I am passionate about. These ‘gurus’ told me I was not going to make money. It never felt right. With reading ‘Think and Grow Rich’ the one thing that hit me most was to follow your passion and money will come. So that is what I am doing because my passion is what drives me. I wake up daily since my childhood loving my passion and this is what I continue to do. I create online educational training videos on my passion and lets others learn what I have knowledge and passion about. Money is not the primary thing. So all I could encourage anyone: FOLLOW YOUR PASSION. If you let money dictate your life, your will never be happy. When you follow your passion, the Universe ALWAYS brings money to you. I am now in my mid-60s and I desire all that are younger, that following your passion like Jeff and Sasha will make you happy. Screw anyone (parents, spouses, friends, etc,) of what you must do. Relax, THINK and figure out what makes you happy and that is what you are supposed to do on this earthly life.

  3. Great interview and it is great to see what Alex has been doing since his “pick-up artist” days

  4. If u get a heart transplant u will find yourself participating in activities that your donor liked…

  5. Yes at 19:00! So many people are realizing that most people just want to have a good and peaceful life. Great chat, gents!

    If we can get Elon Musk to Anarchapulco 2019 that might be the fatal blow to the elites’ plan to divide and conquer us in order to enslave us. πŸ™‚

  6. Hey anyone. Can u pls tell me who the lady “Gillian…someone” who Sasha spoke of is? She does some sort of body healing and they are trying to shut her down.
    I would like to look her up.
    Cheers! πŸ™‚

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