Kratom and Freedom Under Attack In The Land Of The Free Again with Luis Fernando Mises

Anarchast Ep.398

Jeff interviews returning guest and friend, Luis Fernando Mises. Topics include: the government going after kratom, pain management with kratom, Oxycontin and addiction, the epic fail of state prohibition, pressure from pharmaceutical companies, safer pain management, the price of freedom, cannabis oil, guidlines for kratom use, the land of the free, government involvement in the opiate epidemic, help spread this information.

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32 Comments on Kratom and Freedom Under Attack In The Land Of The Free Again with Luis Fernando Mises

  1. Get talk Jeff and Luis. And again thank you to the Libertarian party of Texas members for helping me to find out about Kratom. It has helped me where the Veterans Administration has failed.

  2. Yeah and look at all the people that have died on alcohol. Kratom and marijuana are safe as they get. People have died on water. The drug war is total bs.

    • That is totally true alcohol has lots of chemicals in it , like beer in the States, Canada that causes cancer. At least in Europe (eastern) and Mexico you can still find organic homemade alcohol.

  3. The legislators are not stupid they are evil. Look into Ted Gunderson a former FBI agent. He says they government is actually full of Luciferians. That’s their ideology.

    • I used kratom for 5 years would not recommend it especially daily, Fogs up the mind, decreases level of consciousness and can take away motivation also. Great for short to pain use but getting a habit to it like anything else is not worth it because the level of bliss that can be attained through sobriety alone is unparralled by any drug. Kratom does feel nice but is short lived only like 30 min to 1hour buzz then fades out to stoned state.

    • I can’t say I share your sentiment or experience. Been using it for over a year with no noticeable negative consequences

  4. Why not build a Kratom Coin? The people would love the fact they own interest in a non dangerous plant that helps people and you automatically have a massive amount of interested people in the product that will defend its use.

    • As both Jeff & Luis read these comments, you can bet that within ~6 mths there’ll be a Kratom Coin ICO!

    • Gestet Ner that would be great. People love to support something good for us. A blockchain supporting a public ideal, fantastic. In essence owning the crypto itself would be a vote in support of a product or cause.
      This is how many things we do can get done us supporting the blockchain that promotes a perticular product or ideal.

    • In essence we show our preference through the blockchain. It is how sentiment of the people can be measured.

    • I believe messages can be sent on a blockchain if configured properly so people can communicate upcoming issues. Much like Dash which governance model has the nodes vote on issues. People with wallets for a particular coin can give feed back on their preference. No need for government enforcement anymore.

  5. Thanks for spreading awareness of the situation with Kratom Jeff. This plant has saved so many lives.

  6. Jeff Berwick do you know about these two other herbs Kanna and another herb Kava they are still legal

    • I know about a lot of different herbs and I know where to get the best right now! Go to hyperionherbs(dot)com and read the benefits of some of the herbs on there, it will blow your mind!!! These types of herbs are more on the food, medicinal, safe side, so you can take it everyday without ANY side effects! Read the herbs to see if you ever tried them before, their truly great tonic herbs! ps. I watched your videos when I was as young as 16 hahaha now I’m invested!

  7. Hi Jeff, very interesting video! One question: are the cannabis dispensaries in vancouver providing real cannabis or something else? What is your opinion on them?

  8. The Medical Practice in the US is criminal , to say the least!
    People are generally misinformed and they take advantage of that.
    Had somebody related to my family, taking 13 ( thirteen!!!) different
    kinds of medications, one antagonizing the other! Pathetic!

  9. Done lol don’t have may anxiety medication right now I saw this video I remembered what white Kratom was for thank you

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