10 Comments on Infowars Mini-Documentary: Anarchapulco, The Rise of Anarcho-Capitalism

    • Michael Reszneki Trolling4Truth I had a nagging feeling for a couple of months that jeff berwick has been compromised, but now that he brings the actor Alex Jones with his fear-mongering disinfo channel. With those with eyes to see can see now that jeff berwick has always been an insider for the you know who. Tptb have been manipulating the truther movement from the start. what a truly sad moment in history…

  1. It was a great event! Looking forward to next year! Thanks for covering it Info wars!

  2. i love freedom and want it for all beings, hence why i eat sleep and breather cryptos all day, everyday

  3. Where is the talk you did with the PROMETHER creator? I tried to re post, but cant find.

  4. Infowars keeps losing more and more of their audience. I’m glad they’re branching out into giving people a solution like this, but their business thrives on generating fear and selling useless items to go with that fear. Right after 9/11 they were great to listen to because of all the inside job discussion, but over the last decade, infowars turned into a project to inflate Alex Jones’s ego.

    • plus they spread disinfo.. i don’t see much issue with this documentary but infowars in general i don’t like.

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