Immediate Happiness – Rising out of Suffering Into Overflowing Abundance & Happiness with Anil Gupta

Anarchast Ep.443

Jeff Berwick interviews self help guru, Anil Gupta, author of Immediate Happiness.

Topics include: what is happening at Anarchapulco 2019? taking charge of your life, freeing yourself from unnecessary suffering, the art of giving, empowering others, peaceful parenting, kindness and gratitude, family dynamics, change the world by changing yourself, Anil's book 'Immediate Happiness', children and family, forgiveness is the path to freedom, the happiness formula

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Anarchapulco February 14-17, 2019, Acapulco, Mexico
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14 Comments on Immediate Happiness – Rising out of Suffering Into Overflowing Abundance & Happiness with Anil Gupta

    • Dominic Easton That’s the thing, it’s just a philosophy! Either you think all action is out of self-interest or you don’t… it’s not much of a choice beyond that.

      I happen to agree with that perspective btw, I find it mentioned a few times in The Quran. (If you’re interested, I recommend the Reformist Translation)

    • Well even this guy in the video, him trying to do kind acts to other people is a result of his own self interest. He feels better about himself when he gives to people and therefore the recipient of the act of kindness is actually participating in a selfish exchange of service. It’s rather interesting.

    • Those Truly wishing to preserve/ enhance them ‘selves’ will give Care to those who give Care to them

      & I’ve found the best Care is Care that is free of the expectation of it coming back to us from that place

      GOoD will find ways to give us back the Care

      If You wish to test who Truly Loves You/ Cares for You, try not giving them the things they demand or try and CONtroll from You and see if they still ‘Love’ / ‘Care’ for You.

      Most probably won’t b/c they don’t Know what Real Love is (imo)

  1. Perhaps instead of “fix”, we could say “repair”? Its multiple meanings all point to the same thing–putting all things back into their original good condition.

  2. In psychological terms, the issue of man’s survival does not confront his consciousness as an issue of “life or death,” but as an issue of “happiness or suffering.” Happiness is the successful state of life, suffering is the warning signal of failure, of death. Just as the pleasure-pain mechanism of man’s body is an automatic indicator of his body’s welfare or injury, a barometer of its basic alternative, life or death — so the emotional mechanism of man’s consciousness is geared to perform the same function, as a barometer that registers the same alternative by means of two basic emotions: joy or suffering. Emotions are the automatic results of man’s value judgments integrated by his subconscious; emotions are estimates of that which furthers man’s values or threatens them, that which is for him or against him — lightning calculators giving him the sum of his profit or loss.
    But while the standard of value operating the physical pleasure-pain mechanism of man’s body is automatic and innate, determined by the nature of his body — the standard of value operating his emotional mechanism, is not. Since man has no automatic knowledge, he can have no automatic values; since he has no innate ideas, he can have no innate value judgments. ~ Ayn Rand, “THE OBJECTIVIST ETHICS”, The Virtue of Selfishness, 27

  3. As a parent, I found that a spanking seems to shake them out of something, like you might shake an hysterical person! Not because you dislike them but because you care for them. I have actually had my child hug me and thank me—-said it was like something awful just crane over them and just left! And this very seldom happens!

  4. YES!! It should be a crime to advocate violence against children. People thinks it’s funny or cute to joke or even be serious about “spanking” and abusing children. It is absolutely vile and criminal behavior.

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