How Two Anarchists Defected From the US to Mexico With $50 In Their Pockets & No Passports

Anarchast Ep.369

Jeff interviews Anarchapulquenos John and Lilly, topics include: crossing the border into Mexico with almost no money, adventures on the road to Acapulco, comparing Acapulco with Detroit, free enterprise in Acapulco, glass blowing business, finding success on, the ancap expat internet provider Guero Net, eWaste recycling, Anarchapulco 2018 bigger than ever, the Anarchapulco 'fork', the growing Anarchapulco expat community, getting to Acapulco, the missing Acapulco Bitcoin ATM, finding a house in Acapulco, forking Steemfest to Acapulco

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Anarchapulco 2018: live streaming movie xXx: Return of Xander Cage 2017

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23 Comments on How Two Anarchists Defected From the US to Mexico With $50 In Their Pockets & No Passports

  1. the howling was driving me barkin mad so I muted the audio and clicked the CC button and got this:

    “going to prison how-woo-woo-woo for a few months without how-woo-woo-woo ever being convicted….how-woo-woo-woo how-woo-woo-woo”

  2. This was a great way to end my night. Thanks for sitting down to do this together! I’ll see you guys on Steemit. 🙂

  3. jeff luv yurs vids, but this was unwatchable sorry. why couldn’t that 11 year old girl keep control of the mutts.

  4. I like your videos but Seriously- the dogs barking and howling. Super annoying. – very distracting.

  5. Four of the busiest hands in Acapulco! Lily and John, you inspire. Resourceful af. Glad you shared their story, Jeff.

  6. trash!!! every chance they get they degrade mexico with all their gringo comments. pinche yankee!!

  7. Interesting interview. Little dreadies warmed up after they got going. Bold kids, real pioneers.

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