How To Cure Almost Anything Easily… And Why You Should Never Go To Doctors with Clive de Carle

Anarchast Ep. 406

Jeff Berwick interviews Clive de Carle, topics include: healthy people are more open minded, doctors unschooled in nutrition, common nutritional myths producing ill health, sea salt, magnesium, iodine, very cheap supplements vs common deficiencies, many common diseases are actually deficiencies or heavy metal poisoning, easily treatable with the right knowledge, vitamin D, flu season, vitamin C, vaccines, nutrition and immunity, the dangers of root canals and mercury fillings, circumcision, Scenar, addictions and dopamine, amino acids, The Secret Health Club

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44 Comments on How To Cure Almost Anything Easily… And Why You Should Never Go To Doctors with Clive de Carle

  1. Thanks Jeff, been eating loads of fruit. Fresh, canned, dried. So many yummy options. Prunes are good for getting things moving! But, be careful…too many, can be bad : )

  2. Ok, gotta clarify. Coconut oil is full of cholesterol?? Did he mean full of saturated fat maybe? Cholesterol is found exclusively in animal products, to my understanding.

    • Your body makes cholesterol for a reason. That reason being its used to make every cell in your body, even your brain is mostly cholesterol. Cholesterol is not a bad guy. Imbalances in nutrients is bad but not any particular nutrient. for instance Calcium is a must however calcium in EXCESS will make the muscles stiffer and if the blood pressure increases which causes a split in the artery, Cholesterol comes in to block ans stop the internal bleeding like a bandaid. The blood vessel wouldn’t split under high pressure if there wasn’t an imbalance in calcium and was able to stretch further with more magnesium. Even water imbalance will cause drowning. Doesn’t mean water is bad for you.

  3. Did I hear him say coconut oil was full of cholesterol? That is a little ridiculous. I find myself believing about half of what he said. I lean more towards eating ripe raw organic fruit and some veggies to get most of those minerals he was talking about. Look up Dr. Robert Morse for more info.

    • Jsc91, why does inflammation cause higher cholesterol levels? you say cholesterol is good but how much much? surly there is a point where to much is bad right?

    • @terry arcona Your body produces cholesterol to “patch up damage.” Dietary cholesterol isn’t a drop in the bucket compared to what your body produces.

    • I Own Me – You Own You, wow I didn’t know that, what about hdl vs ldl is what’s mainstream knowledge about these correct in that one is good and one is bad or is that all wrong?

  4. only true way is raw vegan food, as much organic as possible. Coconut oil is not full of cholesterol, he was talking about saturated fat. Oils are the worst parts of plants anyway.

    If you want to cure any dis-ease look for Dr. Robert Morse, ND

    • mma9fan don’t know about Robert Morse but I agree that whole plant foods is the best way to go. The plant oils are best consumed with the rest of the edible part of the plant

  5. This might be the best anarchast episode I’ve seen, thanks for posting this. I am extremely interested in this stuff, and will definitely get in touch further.

  6. I watched this video excited to hear some good knowledge, but it was a big disappointment. This guy isn’t much educated on nutrition as well.

    Supplements are waste of money, we should take all through food. He is right for diabetes, cancer and other stuff that they are caused by wrong food, but he never says what food.

    “China study” (read the book) PROVED it’s all about eating animal based food, and this tool talks about dietary cholesterol like it’s good. There are so many studies proving eating animals is terrible for our body, but you won’t hear much about that.

    • Denton Woods wow, omg! you didn’t read any study, not you’re competent to make such claims, but ok, enjoy your animal fat and your heart disease

    • mma9fan,
      You’ve read a book and now you are an expert, right ?
      Why don’t you try reading the original book “Dr. Adkins Diet Revolution”,
      and try it for yourself, it’s based on over 30 years of documented experimentation,
      and every point he makes is practical, and personally verifiable at home.
      Just because there is a distinct absence of a particular type of disease in a particular
      culture does not, by its self, prove anything.
      They simply have their own unique set of problems to overcome.
      There are many other factors that enter into the equation,
      not the least of which are cultural and religious beliefs and practices.

    • Jim Brown needing to supplement so much when you don’t consume carbs isn’t a bit of a clue that it’s the wrong way to go?? Think about it.

      The differences in life span and disease rates clearly shows the whole plant foods option to be the superior diet

  7. great interview Jeff… the medical industry is killing us …vitamins and minerals is what we need….

    • Actually, we are killing ourselves by taking what they recommend. So, if you don’t trust them any more, you’re safe.

  8. Hopefully I’m very healthy. I don’t go often to the doctors, but the one I go to have cured what I had. I only go to the best doctors and I’m in France where we have some of the best doctors in the world. Nonetheless very good infos. You are completely right, there are too many drugs that are useless and don’t work or have side effects that are unpredictable. Moreover did you know that most drugs are tested on men but yet are given to women. That is dangerous because biologically men and women are differents. Right now there is group of independent specialists that are making a list on which drugs are effective and how much does it costs for a patient or “the Social insecurity”. If you apply some machine learning and some maths to optimize the consumption of drugs by a patient to get more healthy adding a low cost, you’ll probably get rid off 99% of all the existing drugs that exists right now.

  9. My wife and I switched to an intermittent fasting lifestyle. We have both lost 25 pounds in two months and feel great. And occasionally we will go two days per week with only drinking water; it’s a great way to detox the body and get the digestive system working properly. We typically we do an eight hour window of eating which is usually between 11 AM and 7 PM and then 16 hours of not eating. This is called a 16/8 intermittent fast plan. There’s not really any calorie restrictions but we eat very healthy during the 8 hour window. Even if we have a “cheat” day and eat 3-4 pieces of pizza and have a few beers it’s not a big deal, because if we’re within the eating window the 1) hours of fasting compensated for the “bad” eating. You should ask Dr. DeCarle about this. In fact, just try it yourself for a few weeks. It’s great. Lots of energy…even when working out!

  10. The brain DEPENDS on cholesterol for its main foodsource as we age. By the time AMA gets their hands on our older population, they make sure they kill their brains and their hearts with statin drugs. I am a naturopath, and I ALWAYS educate against the danger of statins. In addition to coconut oil, I also recommend phosphatidyl serine and CoQ10. I appreciate the ‘whole salt’ conversation very much as well. I haven’t heard Clive for awhile. Nice to catch up with him again. Thanks Jeff!

  11. Entertaining and interesting. From my own experience and research, I also find that supplementing minerals is beneficial to health. (Intermittent) fasting also seems to have an energy boosting effect.

    It’s cool how this man also knows Joel Wallach, ND. That’s the man whose information started my health research.

  12. If he’s a vegan advocate I am not interested in listening. That train has been derailed so long ago.

    • Shaun W that statement is laughable and false…. keep learning ….you will figure it out…. unless your vegan . .. then probably not. All the best.

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