How Most of Society’s Problems Are Caused By Government with Jason Perz

Anarchast Ep.438

Jeff Berwick interviews Jason Perz, topics include: getting prescribed opiates from an early age, moving onto heroin, the pharmaceutical industry, street drugs, the truth about jail, the path to addiction, 8 years sober and helping others, the CIA and drug production, addiction and the current system, the lack of freedom, cannabis vs addiction, connecting to life, the nature of addiction, decriminalization, getting off heroin. reaching out for help there really is love out there.

Jason Perz' Ted Talk:

Anarchapulco February 14-17, 2019, Acapulco, Mexico
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18 Comments on How Most of Society’s Problems Are Caused By Government with Jason Perz

    • TCBTT- ReasonAndLoveCreateBalanceBetweenSpiritForm
      A common law ecclesiastical Trust? What is that? Also I don’t refer to myself as a “citizen,” so I’m not sure whatever that is will be my cup of tea.

    • It’s an irrevocable Trust named after your own ministry that works for the benefit of your own God, as opposed to the god of the IN GOD WE TRUST/ USA INC. Trust.. So, it puts You at equal legal status with the IN GOD WE TRUST/ USA INC. Trust. the Puerto Rican IRS Trust and all government and municipal Trusts that seek to rob you of your dignity and property- you donate or sell everything have to your ministry’s Common Law Ecclesiastical Trust and the devils running the corporate Trusts devouring the earth and all its’ inhabitants can NEVER (legally) touch it or you ever again- no corporation posing as government can tax you ever again either- no one on earth can – nor can anyone ever lien your property or impound your car or anything like that- You are protected like ALL Christian Ministry Trusts are.

    • Your corporate person (citizen straw man) is the trustee / minister of the Trust- it takes a vow of poverty and manages the Trust for your God. It can even apply for welfare benefits for itself since it is now poor and owns no assets. The Trust can also get its own EIN, so it can have credit- so you no longer need your SS# for much- but you are still free to use it for a passport drivers licenses and for credit, etc., if you choose. The sky is the limit with a Common Law Ecclesiastical Trust – then you decide how you want to serve your God and no other god’s Trusts or government corporation can interfere with your business or claim to hold authority over you or your property ever again- because you are a christian minister of a ministry Trust and you have taken a vow of poverty by donating all your possessions to the Trust for the benefit of your own God – you are just a Christian minister from then on – so you are pretty free to do whatever you like as long as you don’t harm anyone or their property : )

  1. Thank you Jeff and Jason. I’m on that same journey and these shows you do help alot. Thank you Jeff.

  2. Remember in the Wizard of Oz, they were almost to the emerald city, then they were all put to sleep by the flowers.

  3. Anything can be an addiction. Social Media is one of the biggest addictions today that most people don’t recognize they’re addicted to.

  4. The NWO wants the world population to stay below 10 Billion. There’s plenty of food. The issue will be land use. Above 10 Billion people, all the land that the NWO has horded for themselves will be needed. Once all the land is being used, enclosure will be impossible. This will break the back of enclosure and by extension human slavery. If you want freedom BREED!

  5. Thank You both for bravely sharing Your experiences!

    You help inspire me to share some of my own : )

    We can All help each other avoid redundant suffering

    Let’s expand into multiverses with our lessons/ suffering

    VS being ‘suffering samies’ as we so often act.

  6. I call viewcount BS..

    7 hundred+ views?

    Yeah, *no*

    I wonder if GoogTube hides comments similarly to *Fakebook hiding posts*
    (& prob. comments too)

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