Here’s Why Big Pharma Doesn’t Want You To Know About Stem Cells

Anarchast Ep.455

Topics include: stem cell therapy, what are stem cells? how does stem cell medicine work? why is it illegal in the USA? liberty in Mexico, a far less invasive alternative to surgery, telomere extension and longevity, rejuvenation, cellular cultivation from placental tissue, human growth hormone, post menopausal treatment, amazing results.

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35 Comments on Here’s Why Big Pharma Doesn’t Want You To Know About Stem Cells

    • Well it is sterile
      If you wipe number two incorrectly you may get a uti (urinary track infection) because number two is filthy, but number one is sterile

    • Ah I hear of you B-Cashopulco people drinking their own piss now… Marc Passio mentioned it LMAO…. Piss drinking carnivores 😀 but hey…. If you must…

    • +Joshua Dreambody Clinic Wow! I’m American and live in Seattle and could totally see living in Mexico.

      I know so many people from there and holy schnikes is there a lot of sun and vitamin D

  1. Allopathic medicine is meant to harm us, never meant to help us. It’s meant to use us as guinea pigs so that doctors can learn from us like they learn on lab rats. Allopathic medicine, in hindsight, is quite sad.

    • Yeah. I was listening to Ben Greenfield the day Jeff came and the doctor on the podcast was explaining how colleges in the US and Canada taught homeopathic medicine until this study funded by the Carnegie foundation was published in 1906. There were more homeopathic doctors than general doctors until that point. All done because the Carnegies were getting into big pharma

  2. Found Dream Body even before Jeff, Saving $ so I can get my back treated for chronic pain. Hopefully will have saved enough by next summer to get Treatment!!!!!

  3. so this is what jeff is doing with his money from copyrights of david ike and outher speaker anarchapulco

  4. Why wait until you’re sick? Maybe because it costs thousands of dollars. Yeah, I’ll definitely wait, but it’s nice to know it’s an option. I had no idea!

  5. LOL 03:21 “not been going to the gym much, been eating crappy” YES WEC CAN SEE THAT fatty fatty boom boom… you look like you eat really unhealthy there dough-boy… you can’t just use stem-cells but live a crappy lifestyle otherwise…. quit the cervesas and the starch and the sugars hombre… you don’t look healthy…. quit the B-Cash lifestyle it ain’t going anywhere.. 😛

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