Health & Wellness & Ayahuasca, Iboga, DMT, Kambo, Tantra and Much More At Anarchapulco

Anarchast Ep.404

Jeff Berwick interviews Avi Esther, 'Production Princess' for Anarchapulco 2018. Topics include: whats on offer at Health and Wellness before Anarchapulco 2018, Health and Wellness retreat is 12-14th Feb, a PhD Sitar player, the art of the sober party, feminine energy, Tantra breath work, the search for enlightenment, the Cacao ceremony, Ayahuasca, DMT, Kambo, Iboga, the commodification of the sacred medicines, Theraphi plasma field generator, personal change and growth, nutrition and diet, health sovereignty, boosting your immunity for the conference, the ancient spiritual presence of Acapulco, Dayna Martin's unschooling workshop, Adam Williams Avatar workshop, Clive de Carl Anarchist Wizard, a Taco pool party! so much more on offer at Anarchapulco 2018!

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36 Comments on Health & Wellness & Ayahuasca, Iboga, DMT, Kambo, Tantra and Much More At Anarchapulco

    • Yeah, and remember natural minerals are not absorbed in the body anywhere except for the colon…and water never reaches the colon.

    • It only takes out the inorganic minerals out of the body which the body cannot use and are not supposed to be in the body, great to do research but if you are getting the wrong information how do you know? Rain water is distilled water, fog, dew mist, and fruit are also, this is a fact which can be verified. There is alot of bullshit information on the internet by the way, if it is in alignment with how nature intended is really the best way to know if it is true. Any rainwater is distilled water, that is what nature provided for us, and that is bad for us? Distilled water helps to pull out all the inorganic matter from the body which can deposit around the body in the gland and joints causing arthritis and other issues. You might wanna check out some people that are drinking distilled water and are very healthy also and how they are doing like Annette Larkins, Andrew Norton Webber,

  1. I lovee cute woke hippy girls. Thinking of moving down to Mexico eventually but don’t know how I’ll make an income. Are there ways I can link up with people over there that will sponsor me or help me initially and I would pay back when I get back on my feet? Lack of job or income down there is what scares me leaving my career behind here in U.S.

  2. I really want to come this year but I don’t see a way ,but I’m putting money back for next year and I will be there and it will be the first time I’ve been out the US and my only worry is I might not come back lol
    Thank you Jeff and all of you who have made this a reality I am forever grateful for being alive at this moment in time for all of these great things happening around me my only hope now is that I can have the courage and fortitude to join it and not just be watching from the sidelines Supporting it .
    As always peace love and Anarchy

    • I know one thing is you will never go back to the same way of looking at life. New perspectives abound at Anarchapulco.

  3. Alcohol sucks. Cannabis or nothing. Plus its mostly gmo n other lovely chemicals like asptertame. Not to mention that beer ingredients arent labeled

  4. DUDE, GET ON THE CACAO FRUIT….the Cacao GOD is on the money in Mexico…..please research this Jeff….it was MONEY in Mexico until the late 1800’s, it will blow your mind!!! peace from Hanoi.

  5. OMG…Dan Winters is also AMAZING!!! I have been following his centripetal vortex research for over a decade…waaay cool!

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