He Became an Anarchist And Lost All His Friends – Keith Knight of Don’t Tread On Anyone

Anarchast Ep.461

Topics include: the philosophy of anarchy, rational moral consistency, truth and virtue, the hidden gun in the room, an unpopular philosophy, pointing out immorality, 12 years of indoctrination very hard to undo, finding like minded friends, Libertarians in Arizona, Anarchists in high places, statism and coercion, opting out, the state is falling apart, voluntarism, foreign policy, exposing political lies, wars based on lies, mainstream propaganda evil, Anarchapulco 2020

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35 Comments on He Became an Anarchist And Lost All His Friends – Keith Knight of Don’t Tread On Anyone

  1. Never heard of this guy but he’s simply amazing. He articulates his thoughts very well and in an energetic/fun way. Something I admire & am trying desperately to attain myself.

  2. Keep up the great work Keith! I enjoy your interviews and have been listening to you on Liberty Weekly Podcast.

  3. I’m an anarchist on long island NY & its depressingly lonely. I Have zero anarchist friends off the internet, I don’t even know what’s it’s like to have an anarchist friend in real life. Saving money to move out of this statist hellhole but it’s so expensive it’s taking so long. I’ll get there some day.

  4. Some of my family won’t talk to me, because I talk “all that anarchy stuff”. You know, just freedom from fradulent, undisclosed enslavement.

  5. I actually had to take some time and think about who are really my friends. I just finished highschool last month and every “friend” I hang out with I just feel unrelatable. I’ve spoken to my best friends about anarchy and they laughed at me and don’t take it seriously. “Without government, what’s stopping someone from stabbing other people?” or the roads, schools, monopolies. And when I explain the logic that everything the government does is communist central planning and doesn’t help anyone it’s like they literally can’t hear me and forget that I said anything. And now I’m just that anarchist and I have to grind my teeth when they speak about politics or make fun of me because I don’t believe in government… Very very lonely. I live in Germany and I want to leave asap, working on an online business right now and maybe become a perpetual traveller. If someone asked me how many friends I truly have, I’d say 0 now.

    • Don’t forget, statism is a powerful religion.
      Very few anarchists here just north from you (denmark) but i have managed to sway a few and feel very lucky to call them my friends and work together with them in my small business (one is actually ex military). Reading your words makes me a little sad, i would wish we anarchists where better at organizing … at banding together and just live free :/ best of luck to you, my friend in freedom.

  6. Love this guy! So great to see young and younger anarchists! Keep up the good work you two!

  7. I would put 1000 bucks on it, that if the average person was literally told by a group of cops to lick their boots, they would.

  8. Wow, you speak so clearly, even this 73 year old can understand. Thank you Keith, i am searching your channel right now.

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