From CONgress to Anarchist – Cynthia McKinney On How To Free The People

Anarchast Ep.428

Jeff Berwick interviews former congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney. Topics include: what government officials say vs what they do, party politics is not going to change anything, propaganda, fake news and the US war machine, true independent media, ceding sovereignty to the government, indirect vs direct democracy, the bombing of Libya, psychopathocracy, working with Ron Paul in congress, the power cell model of societal change, the system is rigged, regime change wars, living free in Bangladesh, Mike Rupert and the deep state, transforming the country by transforming yourself, Anarchapulco 2019

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31 Comments on From CONgress to Anarchist – Cynthia McKinney On How To Free The People

  1. physical GOLD/SILVER frees the people!!!! Break the banks/comex/ paper printing elitists!!! We love you Jeff!!! Keep up the great work!!!! Hug your dogs for us, we miss them!!!! Lucy sitz!!!!!

    • 90% of all gold in the world is owned by governments! A giant scam! Good luck buying coffee with gold!

    • well throw their paper at them and demand physical gold/silver and if millions of us do that see what happens. You think they would cover their paper shell game if you had 50million people asking for 100oz of physical silver??? and I’m just thinking of the USA not the rest of the world.

    • The government owns 90% of the gold. Those who have electronic/paper receipts will come to this hard realization when the day comes.

  2. NOBODY got rich off of buying gold. let that sync in. they got RICH, then bought some gold/silver,… or other hedges. Hedges don’t make you rich, getting rich and investing in hedges is what keeps you rich.

  3. Direct democracy could be a path to real freedom. Decentralized money has to be the priority!

    • Pilsbury Doeboy

      Democracy is the path to freedom?

      Are you sure you know what freedom is and means?

    • Nathanbran2
      Fat chance of that. Her and Ron Paul were the only decent representatives we’ve had in recent memory.

    • No lol that is the point we need to get rid of politicians/government, our power is inherent we don’t need to get involved in politics that is a proxy

  4. Interesting chat thank you. Would be great to do another chat in say 6 months-1 year. Lot of things in motion.

  5. Cynthia had me at “personal sovereignty”. She is a thinking humanitarian. She has identified that people give away their sovereignty, their power when they submit to violent governance. We won’t have a civilized world until people realize the only sovereignty is personal sovereignty. States (govt.) don’t have rights or sovereignty, therefore “personal” is redundant. The fact we have to use redundant adjectives like “personal” with concepts like “sovern” and “rights” is a sign of the times, proof of the mass confusion that impedes communication and thinking about other concepts like “freedom”. Public “education” has mixed up people, crippling their ability to think about social interactions and politics.
    Words are our only tools for arriving at the truth, the political reality. When our words (our concepts) contain contradictions, we are unable to think straight and we have no idea how irrational we are being. People on the same side may argue and believe themselves to be enemies, resulting in a violent confrontation. “The Powers That Be”(TPTB) rule us this way. It’s called “divide & conquer”. I would suggest a better term is “confuse & conquer”.

  6. “Fake News” = Common Myths = Modern Taboos = Unchallenged Lies = Mass Superstitions
    “The system is rigged” = our political system is corrupt on every level, federal, state, county, city.
    “Drain the swamp” = Throw out all the bastards!
    But who put them in power? The public! Who believes that forfeiting sovereignty to a few who then monopolize power and control all is the only civil way to live? The public! Who is suffering mass exploitation under this political paradigm? The Public! Who is confused, angry, and frightened? The public! Who has a foreboding that something bad is coming? The public! Who knows what to do but can’t get the public to listen (understand)? The voluntaryists!

  7. I was on a phone “Town Hall” with CONgessman Duncan Hunter.
    His shill asked what question I had (Okay… Here comes the censure..)
    “Why would someone be saddled with student debt for life?”
    My turn came…
    I heard him say, Caller, you’re on the air…
    Next I heard a click and he said: “We keep dropping callers.”
    As it they were having technical difficulties. LOL

  8. Cynthia McKinney is a National hero. Truly an inspiration. I’d say I wish there were more politicians like her, but I don’t believe in government.. so instead, I’ll wish there were more activists speaking Truth

  9. pure democracy is mob rule. One of the benefits of our current indirect democracy or constitutional government is that the political minority is protected. What are the assurances in your plan to protect minority rights?

    • what if the majority passed a law saying that one legged midgets must be exterminated. what if I was in the minority or a one legged midget how being armed will help me if the majority is armed as well? If I and my band of midgets stormed the streets with our guns and the majority responded by doing the same then there would be a civil war and chaos in the streets? Arming everyone is not the only answer. There needs to be a independent third party to reconcile grieveneces and enforce those decisions. In theory I like the concepts of anarchy and self ownership but in practicality I do not think it will work

  10. Much respect for Jeff and Cinthia,
    I want to share an idea: How about we promote every city/town to become its own country? independent! No more huge countries, but cities. This way we fragment the system so much, it would be impossible to control it.

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