EOS versus Ethereum and Bitcoin versus Bitcoin Cash with Rafael LaVerde

Anarchast Ep.419

Jeff Berwick interviews Rafael LaVerde of The Dollar Vigilante and Liberty Block. Topics include: the difference between EOS and Ethereum, proof of stake, free market and ethics, parameters of voluntary exchange, Vitalik Buterin's AI, overlord, EOS and Block One, Dan Larimer and the anarcho-capitalist vision, scaling issues, miners and block producers, delegated proof of stake, Liberty Block contends to be the most transparent, accountable, and cooperative EOS block producer, the Bitcoin index. the ethos of the Bitcoin Cash community, some important devs moving to Bitcoin Cash, privacy coins, decentralized exchanges, crypto cults, crypto anarchy, Paul Sztorc and Hivemind, prediction markets, voting for Liberty Block

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40 Comments on EOS versus Ethereum and Bitcoin versus Bitcoin Cash with Rafael LaVerde

  1. English translation: EOS has no actual ethics. For instance, Dan Larimer is backed by a known pedophile. In the EOS community, no problem! We define our own ethics.

    • Brock worked with Ethereum and Bitcoin as well so you better start selling your positions to maintain your integrity. EOS is an opensource block chain and is not owned or operated by block.one or brock pierce. You might do some ACTUAL research before you form your world view.

    • Guilt by association mentality sounds more like mob rule. I wish you Johny one note nay sayers could come up with some actual facts about the damn technology which has nothing to do with the alleged actions of a single person who has connections to BTC, and ETH as well as EOS. This project is opensource software run by people from all over the world. The fact is that you can’t. The buggery topic is about the only thing you can wrap your head around. Try again.

    • So whats your point ? all money is used in one form or another in the criminal element , we should not have any money because of that ?

  2. another rubbish episode, that guy does not even make a difference between staking and master nodes …

  3. Steemit is not libertarian, because you have whales swimming around, who can make uncomfortable content disappear.

    • AdvEx Exactly, they are the gate keepers if you want your content to be seen you have to go through me pay through them. Just like how our government and centralised platforms are right now?

  4. Jeff, have you or one of your team members at The Anarchast
    taken the time to research ownership of Block One and EOS owner Brock Pierce before this podcast was recorded? think not.

  5. How is mans saying that he is a Volunteerist? Rafael LaVerde It’s Voluntaryist of Voluntarist.

    Taxation is theft.
    Statism is slavery.

  6. I disagree with controlling the number of nodes. That makes it too easy for the network to be maipulated.

    • Zach Thompson
      Exactly… Kind of like a representative government in the United States which doesn’t really represent the people.

    • Mining algo’s can be altered to cater to non-asic mining rigs, as we have seen on some of the algorithms such as sumokoin which switched to a heavier version of itself recently. Having few designated nodes is ridiculous because it’s centralized by design. The network isn’t establishing the first nodes, those were preselected & as we have all seen, there are malicious acting entities out there with access to huge amounts of capital in this market. So, by that mechanism alone, EOS is going to have difficulties since the nodes are voted on by weight of EOS holdings.

  7. That Apple/Android analogy was pretty terrible. Apple cares about privacy, Google does not. Also, Dan Larimer is an Apple fan.

  8. EOS is the personal money printing network of brock pierce and his “friends”…..the much talked about network will run on 21 super nodes that belong to unknown people read pierce and hisjis friends, it is centralised with a board of directors, pierce and friends, and uncapped so pierce and friends can print unlimited amounts of tokens just like paper money. Sorry dude Berwick just because you bought a load of it and are now trying to pump it up doesn’t mean is any good. All projects larimer has been involved are all centralised and uncapped…well i say all projects but tjere is only steemit… On top of that eos has been tricky with people not making it clear that people have to register their tokens or loose them nowjere in the eos website says so….why? Why didn’t they just give their customers their tokens first hand like any other ico? Cos they are tricky amd know tjat a high porcentage of people would not know they have to register amd the process is not intuitive…they are banking on people loosing a high porcentage of tokens sold that way…tricky people to deal with…

    • So obvious you know nothing about EOS everything you said is what you heard somebody else say. Your asking somebody else to tell you again instead of going and searching it for yourself. Don’t wait for somebody to tell you. That’s the biggest problem in this whole Space is people doing that very thing. In fact it’s the number one problem in our whole society

  9. Participation will be key. EOS is not a buy and sit around to take profits. Just like a Republic, a self governing block chain must be something that we work towards preserving. Perhaps incentivizing one’s civic duty is just the ticket to make a system of governance work. I have high hopes for this project. I hope the community is up to the task and can steer this ship of state true.

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