EOS Is A Game Changing Tech with Marshall Long of EOS.fish

Anarchast Ep.427

Jeff Berwick interviews Marshall Long of EOS.Fish. Topics include: early days of crypto, nerd money, Namecoin, getting into large scale Bitcoin mining, Bitcoin scaling debate, Bitcoin now legacy crypto, EOS.fish and EOS, EOS the next evolution in the tech, the EOS precedent setting launch process, a paradigm shift in open source development, a community project, EOS vs Ethereum, free transactions and the nature of the network, Crypto Kitties, where is EOS headed? governance and the voting process

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29 Comments on EOS Is A Game Changing Tech with Marshall Long of EOS.fish

  1. EOS is centralized reversible junk. It’s not a crypto.
    Hah, and the guy was involved with bitcoin classic. I’m surprised he’s not working with fake satoshi and Veer on their Btrash coin.
    It’s sad to see an awesome anarchist type go down the path of centralization. Very sad.

  2. Marshall so would you say Litecoin with the lightning Network could take over for BTC since they decided to become basically Gold. So EOS been in since .55 to .65 cents sold about 3 weeks before the launch and I’ve been buying back in lately. I bought in on ETH a while back but had to sale most of them late May 2017 because my back got broken down pretty bad and was waiting for surgery. So do you think we could see EOS compete price wise with ETH. Like 400 to 1500 in the next let’s say 12 months.

    • Adam Anderson that was a good EOS play I was going to do that but I wanted to be a part of the Genesis block.

    • jim jones yeah I was way lucky out between 22 and 18. I didn’t have a ton just a few thousand not enough to be a block producer and being a Capitalist and teaching my kids how to do stuff with there lives it’s stupid to think you have to wait tell your old or whatever to start a business never to old or to young.

  3. All I know is people. I study them, I admire them and feel sorry for a few of them. After analyzing Dan Larimer, I find him unable to deceive. He also demonstrates higher than normal levels of empathy for a mathematician…

  4. Marshall and Roger was one of the reasons why i stayed in crypto after Mt Gox. I seen the documentary with Marshall mining farm and Roger going around the world preaching bitcoin.. Good ol days. Now we are going to do it all over Again with BCH and EOS.

  5. Awesome… I think he is working with Max Keiser?.. which is a surprise.. EOS all the way.. if you think it is a scam.. run away..!! Cause I need a few more.. hehehehehe….

  6. I would press for hardware wallet first.. for trezor and ledge.. asap… then play video games..

  7. “… and then you started to realize… “Wait a sec, this is way bigger than just nerd money!” Lol

    It seems like many people discussing EOS negatively are either saying something about someone involved or discussing the tech in an uber uncouth way.

    If there could be more productive discourse in the comments between those who closely know the tech, ☕ that’d be great

  8. If anyone could explain to me please, Why EOS does not suffer from centralization issues, because there are only twenty one blockchain producers, I’d love to hear it.

  9. My eos is frozen in a jaxx wallet. This eos seems fake to me, I hope it’s not a scam, but its starting to feel that way.

    Go Litecoin.

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